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Officially opening at the August Wilson Theatre in 2005, the Jersey Boys is a musical that is based upon the infamous rock group of the sixties; Four Seasons. The production integrates a documentary style as it represents the career of the four members of the band. With members such as Bob Gaudio, Tommy DeVito, Nick Massi and the legendary Frank Valli, The Four Seasons is known to be one of the most popular classic rock bands of all time. In 2011, the musical received the honor of becoming a part of the twenty five longest running Broadway shows in its history.  So get your cheap Jersey Boys Albuquerque tickets immediately if you wish to attend.

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The musical is divided into two acts, and each scene is given the name of one of the four climatic seasons. The first act named “spring” comprises of narration by Tommy DeVito as to how the band came into formation after he decided to start a group with his brother. The duo was then joined by Frankie Valli whom the two brothers taught to play and sing. The next act, “Summer” brings forward Bob Gaudio who continues the story as to how the band finalizes their name naming it after a bowling alley and how they are signed on by Bob Crewe; a record producer.
If you wish to find out how the band deals with their successes, failures and problems, then you should consider attending the Jersey Boys Albuquerque show.  Purchase your set of Jersey Boys Albuquerque tickets today.

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