We love to get ourselves entertained by music, acting, dance, colors, drama and live acting. In the Heights is one of the best musicals which is an amazing mixture of an engaging story which is supported by the very talented actors, amazing dances and colorful costumes. The story revolves around hope and dreams, meaning to be home, costs to make a living and have a dream. It is a story from a sweet and tightly knitted place called Washington Heights. All the characters have their individual stories which have been tied up excellently in this incredible musical. It is a sweet tale of friends, family, lovers and neighbors; who have many dreams and hopes which never turn into reality. The story depicts many laymen from America and other places of the world and has a deep meaning and message in it.

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New York Times has ranked this sensational musical as “the best musical of the year”. The touchy story has won millions of hearts in a very short span of time. It has been awarded with a Tony Award in the year 2008. The production came into picture in 2007 and has won various awards in the three years. The team is now going to spread its magic in San Diego this summer in August. Get the In The Heights San Diego Tickets for yourself and enjoy the incredible show this month with your friends or family.

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Q:Which date is it for in the heights san diego?

A:Visit our In The Heights Tickets page for the schedule for upcoming events.