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The multi award winning play the God of Carnage, has been seen by millions of people who have all liked the show for its brilliant performances, good comedic writing and high production value. The God of Carnage is written by the French playwright Yasmina Reza, which is her seventh play. In the past she has written such hit plays like Art, Life x 3, Conversations After a Burial, and The Passage of Winter, which have all been major critical and commercial successes. She won the Laurence Olivier Award and Evening Standard Award for her play Art. The same play won the Tony Award for Best Play when it was staged for Broadway. In addition to being a successful playwright Yasmina Reza is also an actress and has appeared in films like Faraway and Till Tomorrow. She is a published author with some six novels on her credit, and has also tried her hand at screenwriting.

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About God of Carnage

The story of the God of Carnage is of two married couples who meet one evening to discuss how to address a common cause of concern for the two families. Their sons have been involved in a fight at school resulting in one of the boys to lose two of his teeth, and the parents have now come together to see how to address this issue with the boys in a most civilized, logical and amiable manner. The play has been a success the world over, and has won the Tony award for best play.

Matthew Warchus has directed the God of Carnage for the English speaking world when the play was staged first in England and then later in the United States based on a translation by Christopher Hampton. Mr. Warchus has previously directed two more plays by Yasmina Reza. His plays Art and Life x 3 were both written by her. He has received many nominations for his work on stage and won the Laurence Olivier Award and Tony Award as well.

Some of the most renowned actors the world over have been associated with the God of Carnage in its different productions. And all of them in its different versions have been showered with much praise and appreciation for their portrayal of the four main characters. The original French version starred Eric Elmosnino and Isabelle Huppert, who is the French version of Meryl Streep with many awards and accolades up her sleeve. When the play opened for the English speaking world in the first West End production in London Ralph Fiennes together with Tamsin Greig and Ken Stott and Janet McTeer took on the role of four parents. But when the play reached America, Marcia Gay Harden, Jeff Daniels, Hope Davis and James Gandolfini came on board to form an all star cast for American audiences in the Broadway debut of the now acclaimed show. Because these are the names the American people can relate to, and have been seeing on TV and in films for many years now. After playing the role of Tony Soprano in the hit TV show Sopranos for many years James Gandolfini is a familiar face for many people. And Mr. Jeff Daniels has a long list of acting assignments under his belt to justify his fan base. He has appeared in hit movies like Seabiscuit along many others for which he received an Academy Award nomination.  In a few months time when the award season came, all of the four leading actors were nominated in major acting categories for their performance in the God of Carnage. But only Marcia Gay Harden won the Tony award for best leading actress in a play. She was described by audiences and critics alike as being effortless and charming in her portrayal of Veronica, a woman who is a control freak.

The director of the show Mr. Warchus has gone to great lengths to achieve the right kind of look for the God of Carnage. And none of this would have been possible without creative input from his team which included Mark Thompson as the costume and set director and Hugh Vanstone for lighting design. Together they have created an atmosphere and an environment which makes it a little easier for the audiences to guess what may follow as situations develop. There is a very nice blend of chaos and sereneness which is visible in the minimalist furniture, carefully arranged art books, and neatly placed exquisite vases of tulips, and the more troublesome blood red background, the violent red carpeting and cracked mud walls. This entire look which the creative department has achieved for the show is enough to suggest what will happen and where the books and tulips are going to be when at end of the ninety minute show. For a comedy of manners, get your God of Carnage Tickets now.

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