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Time and again theater has seen new plays as well as revivals of some of the popular shows. Broadway stage will soon be set ablaze by the most anticipated revival of Glengarry Glen Ross, a play that first hit the theaters in 1984. Premiering in London, it is penned by David Mamet, who ended up winning the Pulitzer Prize in Drama, the same year the play was launched. Glengarry Glen Ross’s immediate list of achievements also included a Laurence Olivier Award, in the category of “Best New Play”. Following its success, a film adaptation also took place in 1992 which starred the veteran actor, Al Pacino. For his outstanding performance, Pacino ended up getting nominated at the Oscars as well as at the Golden Globe.

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About Glengarry Glen Ross

Glengarry Glen Ross is set against the backdrop of Chicago real estate and focus on four agents who are prepared to go to any lengths, be it legal or illegal, to sell not so desirable property to reluctant prospective buyers. Since Mamet has created the play on his own personal experiences as a real estate agent, the audience can expect some actual facts and happenings that take place in this field. The concept also takes into account the frustration that these agents go through when they are unable to close a deal. The desperation and apprehension of the sellers as well as buyers pertains even today, hence the play is something people can easily relate to. Ever since the news of revival became public, theater lovers have been informing about Glengarry Glen Ross tickets. Good news is that the tickets are available for sale now and you can easily mark your attendance at the premiere show that is expected to raise its curtains in November.

The opening act of Glengarry Glen Ross introduces the character Shelly Levene who after having continuous failures in closing a sale, resorts to bribing his manager John Williamson. He offers him money in return of names of some good leads that can end up being promising buyers. Williamson agrees but demands money in advance. The other two agents, George Aaronow and Dave Moss are also under a great pressure from their management as they too haven’t been able to make any comprehensive sales. In anger and frustration Moss decides to steal Glengarry leads and sell them to a rival real estate company. The fourth agent in the play is Ricky Roma, who is relatively successful than his co-workers. His character has designed to be sharp and ambitious, as he plays on the insecurities of his colleague James Lingk, who is a bit older. As the curtain closes on first act, each agent is plotting and planning for success.

The second act of Glengarry Glen Ross starts with a robbery in the office. The investigating officer has four agents on his hand and out of them one is guilty. The following scenes are full of suspense as the excellent script by David Mamet places all four agents under scrutiny. The revival will be directed by Daniel Sullivan, who has already established himself as an incredible director by being associated with award winning plays, “The Columnist” and “The Merchant of Venice”. Glengarry Glen Ross production will be handled by Jam Theatricals, Jeffrey Richards and Jerry Frankel.

Some of the prominent names included in the creative team are Eugene Lee, who is an acclaimed set designer from ‘Wicked’ fame and Jess Goldstein, costume designer who won an award for ‘Newsies’. Others include James F. Ingalls, who is a renowned lighting designer. The cast of Glengarry Glen Ross will include Al Pacino, David Harbour, Jeremy Shamos and Richard Schiff. Glengarry Glen Ross’s revival is expected to be huge and already it is making headlines because of its stellar cast. Before this, the play was revived in 2005 as well and it managed to win Tony Award and Drama Desk Award. Be there for an incredible theater premiere by getting your Glengarry Glen Ross tickets as soon as possible.

A tale of deceit, threats, robbery and all things unethical, ‘Glengarry Glen Ross’ is ready to hit the live stage once again. Penned by David Mamet, the play was first staged in 1984 and immediately won a Pulitzer Prize in the category of drama. The play became so in-demand that people grabbed onto cheap Glengarry Glen Ross tickets whenever they became available. Set for a brand new run, Glengarry Glen Ross Broadway tickets are selling like hot cakes as the theater-goers can’t wait for this award winning show. Latch onto some Glengarry Glen Ross tickets if you too want to witness this theater masterpiece.

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