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Ghost the Musical is the theater adaptation of the Academy Award winning Hollywood blockbuster Ghost (1990), starring Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore. The musical is written by Bruce Joel Robins, who also happens to be the Oscar winning screenwriter behind the Hollywood rendition of the story. The play is directed by the Tony Award winning director Mathew Warchus; music and lyrics for the musical have been put together by Dave Stewart and Glen Ballard. Ghost the Musical had its world premiere at the Manchester Opera House, England in March 2011. Since then, the theater production has also performed at the Piccadilly Theatre, London (July 2011) and Lunt-Fontanne Theatre (March 2012) on Broadway, and is planned to open in Australia in August 2013.

About Ghost The Musical Tickets

Ghost the musical is a fantastical tale of true love that conquers the infinite gulf between life and death itself. It is the love story of Sam and Molly, a young couple living in Brooklyn, New York. As Sam and Molly are walking back to their apartment one unfortunate night, they are attacked and in the tragic skirmish that follows Sam loses his life. As Sam’s soul leaves his body he realizes that Molly’s life is in danger. His soul, determined to save Molly, refuses to pass on to the next world and is stuck in limbo as a ghost till he has ensured that Molly is safe of all dangers. Sam’s ghost is unable to communicate with Molly and warn her. He enlists the help of Oda Mae Brown, a feisty psychic, to act as a spiritual medium of communication between him and Molly, save her life and bring his assassins to justice – but above all, to confess his undying love for her, one last time.
The theater stars Richard Fleeshman and Caissie Levy breathe true life into the characters of Sam and Molly respectively, and successfully manage to convey the purity of their emotions to the audience. Though the soundtrack collated by Stewart and Ballard covers a wide range of genres, from emotionally power packed ballads like "Here Right Now" and "The Love Inside" to foot-tapping fun beats like "I’m Outta Here", it is the special effects that capture the imagination of the musical’s audience. It is not a mean feat to convincingly portray ghosts emerging from stiff bodies and enacting surprise apparitions on stage. Warchus, in collaboration with his immensely skilled illusionist Paul Kieve, make all of those supernatural things remarkably believable on stage with the help of state-of-the-art projected and LED imagery. With the tricky lights and the moving screens, Warchus’ stage appears to be able to conjure up anything! The standing ovation that the audience on premier night at the Manchester Opera house bestowed on the team was indeed well deserved.
Not surprisingly then, Ghost the Musical won three audience choice including Whatsonstage.com awards in February 2012. Richard Fleeshman bagged the award for Best Male Actor, Rob Howell won the award for Best Set Designer and Hugh Vanstone won the award for the Best Lightening. The musical doesn’t lag far behind in other award genres. In recognition of the universally acclaimed special effects after the Boradway production, Hugh Vanstone was also nominated for the Outer Critics Circle award for Outstanding Lightening.
As the musical rolls into your town now there is not much reason to miss it. Affordable and cheap Ghost the Musical tickets are easily available to facilitate those interested. The story line has the advantage of a love story, a murder mystery and a comedy all fused together, offering something for all tastes. The heart-warming story is powerful enough to leave its audiences teary eyed. The unraveling of the murder mystery will keep them at the edge of their seats and the musical score is catchy enough to make them leave the theater humming its tunes. Above all, the special effects of Ghost the Musical are well worth to be admired. Ghost the Musical tickets now and join the star studded cast on their eventful journey at a theater near you!

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