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The Ahmanson Theatre in Los Angeles is all set to welcome back Dame Edna for the third time. “Dame Edna's Glorious Goodbye The Farewell Tour” has announced a limited engagement at the venue and performances are scheduled till March. Conceived by the award winning Australian comedian, Barry Humphries, Edna is his alter ego. Introduced to the world 60 years ago, Humphries has exploited Dame Edna's mind, body and spirit. At the end of the show, Humphries makes an appearance on the stage and the audience gets to enjoy both the personalities. Edna has become a worldwide sensation and in America especially, has found immense popularity and love. Fans are rushing to buy Dame Edna tickets as they not only adore the dynamic lady but also share fondness for her son Kenny.

About Dame Edna


Simon Phillips is the director of the touring production and the creative team further includes Jonathan Tessero as the musical director and Andrew Ross serving as the musical supervisor. Besides Barry Humphries playing the title role of Dame Edna Everage, the ensemble also includes Brooke Pascoe, Ralph Coppola, Armando Yearwood Jr. and Eve Prideaux.


Dame Edna's Glorious Goodbye raises its curtains on a film that traces back the lady’s 50 years career. In a delightful presentation, the audience is given a glimpse of her early life in Australia as she went on to become the Giga International star. There are also a few tidbits about her personal life, her husband Norm who died because of prostate. Madge Allsop, her bridesmaid, is also introduced and there is a lot of gossip to keep the audience entertained.


Finally when Edna takes the center stage, she brushes off the film as nothing but slanderous gossip and a lot of lies. Her charming personality is the result of her sarcastic humor and spontaneity. She creates a big happy love fest and keeps the laughter coming with her myriad of scathing jokes about middle and upper classes. She also jokes about gays, who she lovingly refers to as her son Kenny’s friends. Kenny is a successful fashion designer in Hollywood and he also designed Edna’s gaudy pink and powder blue frocks. She also takes a dig at Angelenos, talking about their lifestyle and casual appearance. Dame Edna doesn’t shy away from making fun of the “seniors”, who according to her can’t remember a thing. In a humorous segment in her show, she suggests that kids can send the seniors on vacation without spending a single cent. When they are asleep, just put them under a sunlamp along with sand in the crevices and place some pictures in their hands. When they get up, just tell them they had been away, after all they won’t remember a thing.


Dame Edna's Glorious Goodbye is a mindless, humorous gabfest. She picks up people from the audience to converse with and of course to lovingly assault. She surprises everyone with her spontaneous, impromptu acts. In one of her recent performances, she performed a wedding on stage of the most unlikely couple and called the woman’s son to inform him that he now has a new dad! Edna also engages in an inspiring, meaningful monologue. The show ends with Edna performing the “Gladdie” song and her traditional gladiolas turning the stage into an indoor garden.


Critics have called “Dame Edna's Glorious Goodbye The Farewell Tour” a comic pleasure. Touching and hilarious, it will leave you laughing nonstop. Dame Edna’s character is all set to bid farewell to the countless fans, so make sure you witness the historic finale. The energy never stops even for a moment at this hilarious show. Grab your Dame Edna tickets asap.


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