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Whilst toiling away in the hamster wheel existence of modern day urbanization, one often wishes that one could just throw caution to the wind and go all out on a pleasurable excursion. For those who have undertaken such vacations or are simply desiring to take flights of fancy, cheap Anything Goes DC tickets will enable all and sundry to relive their experience or satisfy their escapist pining.

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Based around the shenanigans of the passengers and the crew of one S.S. American, the Anything Goes musical depicts the whimsical yet endearing nature of the American populace at large. The essential elements of jealously, romance and subterfuge manifest themselves in the characters of Billy Crocker and his significant other, Hope Harcourt, the latter’s fiancé Lord Evelyn Oakleigh, the diabolical duo of Moonface Martin and his sidekick Erma, as well as Reno, who is the life of the resident nightclub.
Though the musical has been doing the rounds of theaters on both sides of the Atlantic for the past eight decades - having premiered at the Alvin Theater on Broadway in 1934 - it is a resounding success every time it is performed. To date, it has undergone several production versions across eight National and West End Tours, most prominent being the 1987 and the 2011 Broadway revivals.
Your Anything Goes DC tickets will let you behold a musical extravaganza that has clinched many notable awards that include a trifecta of Tony Awards, a quintet of Drama Desk Awards as well as a "Best Musical Show Album" Grammy.

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