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Fans of Green Day and lovers of punk rock will instantly know what American Idiot is all about. It is the seventh studio album of the renowned band “Green Day” and was released on September 21st, 2004. The band started working on this album after the master tracks of Cigarettes and Valentines were stolen. American Idiot is inspired by the work of The Who; therefore it is a rock opera album. Get a chance to see the musical adaption of it by purchasing American Idiot Portland tickets online for yourself and your fellow punk rock lovers.

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The through-sung stage musical started in 2009 and focused on the concept of the entire album which revolves around three disaffected young men named Will, Tunny and Johnny. The one-act show features all the songs of the original album American Idiot along with songs from 21st Century Breakdown, the eighth studio album by Green Day. It won Tony Awards: Best Scenic Design of a Musical in 2010 along with Grammy Award in 2011 for The Best Musical Show Album. Since it revolves around the story of the three disaffected young men, people tend to like some parts of it while criticize others for the lack of emotional depth.

Green Day is still one of the best punk rock bands today that is widely appreciated. American Idiot was a huge success and their musical adaption won a Grammy Award. Purchase cheap American Idiot Portland tickets to secure your chance of watching it live.