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Green Day, one of the most influential rock bands of this generation, released an album titled American Idiot in 2004. This album which won them a Grammy Award and its popularity led to a musical of the same name. American Idiot the musical premiered on Broadway in 2010 and ran for a stupendous 422 performances, getting rave reviews from all over and a special appreciation from the fans. And now it’s American Idiot Philadelphia that is making headlines all over as the musical sets out on a tour. Just like their smash hit live concerts, the musical will also attract thousands of Green Day fans who are anxious to know what the show is holding. This is a good time to buy American idiot Philadelphia tickets as we may run out of the best deal pretty soon.

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American Idiot is a story of three friends who set out on an exhilarating journey of the post-9/11 world. This show that is thrilling and moving at the same time. Presented by an award-winning team, American Idiot Philadelphia is a masterpiece musical that is a must watch for everyone who has loved listening to this band. The musical has energetic performances and all the very best songs from the albums, “American Idiot”, “Wake Me up When September Ends”, “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” and “Holiday”. It will be an amazing experience to watch this newest rock musical live on stage. Don’t miss your chance of booking cheap American Idiot Philadelphia tickets from us. Watching this edgy and punk infused musical will be worth every dollar that you may spend.

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