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American Idiot is a musical written by the lead singer of the American rock band, Greenday, Billie Joe Armstrong. The music used for the play consists of the songs from band’s album, “American Idiot”. Not only is the work from the final cut of the album used, but any song that was written during this time has also been included in the musical. Songs from the album’s b-side and some from “21st Century Breakdown” are also used. Since the work was a concept album, the ideas used when writing them are manifested on to the stage. Director Michael Mayer has helped bring it to life. If you are a fan of rock music, musical theatre, and Greenday, then you must get some American Idiot Norfolk tickets to get a chance to catch the play near you.

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The story for the American Idiot Norfolk play has been expanded beyond the actual concept of the album and revolves around three men: Tunny, Johnny and Will. It shows Tunny and Johnny, who want to escape the tedious life of their suburbia and break free of rules and restrictions from their families. They want to try out living the life of the big city, with all its excitement, novelty and of course, freedom. Will on the other hand wants to stay and look after a pregnant girlfriend.
The American Idiot Norfolk show will be part of the production’s “UK and Ireland tour” with which they are hoping to win over the West End, just as they did Broadway with two Tony Awards.

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