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“The emotionally charged and thrilling, as moving as anything on Broadway”, American Idiot is the new musical on the theater upfront. Based on Green Day’s multi platinum, Grammy winning album, the musical features phenomenal singles including ‘Holiday’, ‘Boulevard of Broken Dreams’ and ‘21 Guns’ among many others. The musical has a plot that revolves around three lifelong friends who are in a quest to decide between the safety of suburbia and their dreams. The curtain for the show is raised showcasing three young individuals passionate about their bright future. Their emotions change along with the unfortunate series of events that follow the 9-11 incident. The callow and restless young friends burning with the sentiments of rage and love find it difficult to channel their feelings constructively. The fight against terrorism, the search of those responsible and the swiftly changing country situation change their spectrum of thoughts for future.

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American Idiot
is a rock opera exclusively featuring Green Day’s music, narrating the story of Billie Joe Armstrong. The search for the new meaning of life in the post 9-11 era set the three friends on another exciting journey. The musical has been successfully staged for 442 performances so far. Getting appreciated for its incredible story and phenomenal music, American Idiot has received a Grammy Award for the Best Musical Show Album. Continuing with the same grandeur, the musical is ready to be staged again this year. So guys get your American Idiot Boston Tickets before they are all sold out!

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