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A wonderful and worth seeing combination of music, dance, play and dramatic representation in a theater has increased the craze of watching live performance. People are willing to enjoy musical performance in a theater with more interest as it is a way of getting relaxed and calmed in a certain way. Moreover, like many other theaters, various attractive and artistic dance performances presented in the Washington Ballet Theater are center of attraction for many of the viewers. In fact, you cannot resist yourself to have Washington Ballet tickets in your hands.

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Washington Ballet

Events Venue Location Date Price Tickets
The Washington Ballet: The Nutcracker Warner Theatre - DC Washington Thursday
11/30/2017 7:00 PM
$72.00 Buy
The Washington Ballet: The Nutcracker Warner Theatre - DC Washington Friday
12/1/2017 7:00 PM
$60.00 Buy
The Washington Ballet: The Nutcracker Warner Theatre - DC Washington Saturday
12/2/2017 2:00 PM
$70.00 Buy
The Washington Ballet: The Nutcracker Warner Theatre - DC Washington Saturday
12/2/2017 7:00 PM
$72.00 Buy
The Washington Ballet: The Nutcracker Warner Theatre - DC Washington Sunday
12/3/2017 1:00 PM
$60.00 Buy

About Washington Ballet

The Washington Ballet originally refers to Washington School of Ballet. It is one of the prominent and dominant ballet organizations in United States. Representation of bold work by many choreographers from all over the world set the gateway for company’s evolution and appearance as a full package among various well known ballet organizations. Art pieces of contemporary style, by certain talented persons, with interpretation of classical touch make the performance beautiful indeed. Moreover, Director of the theater is Septime Webre and Executive Director is Peter Branch. Guidance of other Board of Directors is also necessary in order to achieve the objective.
Washington Ballet has the professional company which supports the team work and their cooperation help to keep the organization on way of success. Eighteen top class dancers are the part of this professional company. Every year they bring six big shows which contains the largest stage, wonderful combination of contemporary and classical and variety of work by famous choreographers. However, not only one show is there in order to amaze yourself but several shows and performances are waiting for you. Your friends and family can be delighted by the mix of traditional ballet with Peter and the Wolf. Magic of Cinderella and the Nutcracker can overshadow the other performances presented there.
However, different exclusive plays and ballet performances are not only for individuals but you can also enjoy with your family in a happy manner. Besides Cinderella; Dracula Series, Peter and the Wolf, Stars and Stripes, Nutcracker, L’amour and Hemingway are also being presented at the stage of the Washington Ballet Theater. Exciting journeys, inspirational productions and wonderful dance can enhance your ballet experience and exposure in an efficient manner. Moreover, some of the dancers who are the part of this Ballet Theater are Kara Cooper, Emily Ellis, Zachary Hackstock and Tamas Krizsa. 
Washington Ballet Theater is not only for watching the ballet dance performances and enjoy the melodious evening; it is a proper training school having the aim to train ballet lovers. They have the objective of provide training with the highest caliber. That’s why the school is known at national and international level as well in an efficient manner. They train more than numerous students from different regions which have the craze of ballet dancing and sense of contemporary and classical. Moreover, its one campus is responsible for provide the dance training, other is arts and Recreation center and third one is for young students.
Thus, the mission of Washington Ballet is not over yet; besides with the above mentioned services, they want to involve the whole community in order to achieve their target in a supportive manner. Audience fortification, widespread education program and other community engagement strategies have been adopted by the organization. Their main target is to attain the bright future of children and for this purpose, they have introduced scholarship program to the students. They polish the talent and art of their students and in the end the whole world can see them as the sparkling stars. 
In short, plan your visit to this theater and make your day by enjoying the tremendous ballet performances based on story description and many popular series. Moreover, you must be the one who wants to observe various cultural aspects with the pleasant sound, elegant music and heart touching dance steps and art. So make a quick decision if you want to buy cheap Washington Ballet tickets; decision must be yours in order to attend a mega event.

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