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Fri08 Nov08:00:PM The Weinberg Center For The Arts,Frederick,MDSwan Lake
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Fri08 Nov08:00:PM The Weinberg Center For The Arts,Frederick,MDSwan Lake
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Love has been cast right along men and women from the very inception of the human race on our planet. It is the one feeling which the greatest of great scholars have tried to explain, yet not one has ever been able to do so. Love enchants our lives and thus has led to hundreds of tales and folk lore that have lived on generation after generation. One may question the truth behind the love of Romeo and Juliet, or the realism of the captivation in the smile of Mona Lisa. Casanova is labeled as the most romantic man to have ever lived and many would ask whether a love like that between Bonnie and Clyde was actually true. Such stories have captivated the human race for centuries. One such fable is that of the Swan Lake and it is one story which finds its roots in more than one culture. The Swan Lake is a classical ballet and in its latest form, finds it origins from the work done by a Russian named Tchaikovsky. It is said that he was commissioned to make a play that would mesmerize the audience with the Swan Lake story and would include the subtleness of ballet dancing as well. Based on four acts the Swan Lake took Russia by storm in the late nineteenth century. Sadly though, it did not play for long as the crowd could not come to terms with the form of dancing amalgamated with a story line as deep as that of the Swan Lake.

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About Swan Lake

It has been exceedingly difficult to come up with the true goings-on of the time, during the making of this ballet classic. Most of the answers were left to folk lore and memoirs of participants and ofcourse the personal recollections of those involved. Many cultures have their own versions of the Swan Lake. The thought is very captivating once you get into the depth of the myths and folk lore. An eastern version of the Swan Lake is in the form of the Tales of Hassan of Bassorah. He is a traveler who come across a flock of beautiful swans which reveal their inner beauty once the feather come off and the birds take the form of women. He captures one and takes her as his wife. She flees, finds her feather and flies away. Thereafter begins an adventurous journey of Hassan to find his wife. Another version is that of a German origin. A hunter stumbles across a Swan in a forest and is about to kill it when it reveals its true self, a stunning woman. She vows to be his, should he vow to keep her secret for twelve months. Unable to hold his excitement the poor hunter fails in this bargain of vows and looses the swan-maiden forever. A Celtic myth about the swan-maidens stems from the story of The King of Lir. This King has attractive daughters from his first wife who sadly passes away.

Unfortunately, the poor King marries an iniquitous woman who casts a spell on the daughters and transforms them into swans. Fables revolving around the Swan Lake are numerous, yet the lore portrayed by Tchaikovsky in his classical ballad is surely the one to take the vote of the most favored. Tchaikovsky’s version comprises four fascinating acts. They portray how a Prince in Moscow must wed a woman of his mother’s choice, that too during the celebration of his 21st birthday. Shaken by the preposterous idea, the young prince leaves on a hunt with his friends. Finding a quiet spot in the forest alongside an enchanting lake, the young prince’s eye catches a school of swans in the lake. One of these swans has a crown. Soon he finds out the she is the Swan Queen and all of these creatures are under a spell cast by a wicked sorcerer. The prince falls in love with the Swan Queen yet the treachery of the sorcerer prevents him from conveying what he feels. The story between the acts will continue to captivate you and the evil tricks played by the sorcerer leave you bewildered by the concept behind the story. The classical ballet will take you on a beautiful journey through the realms of mystical and enchanting ideas.

By the last act, many have been found teary eyed, and rightly so. Tchaikovsky’s version of the Swan Lake is an utter pleasure to watch. The music and choreography is an astounding work of art. To this day it holds in place the origins of Tchaikovsky’s vision. Get the Swan Lake tickets and let the magic of love and music encircle you.

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