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The Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre is bringing a classical fairytale to life this time. Cinderella, the story of a beautiful poor girl, is loved by kids and adults equally all around the world. We all remember evil stepmother and ugly jealous stepsisters who treated Cinderella badly, the good Godmother who made it possible for her to meet the Prince and Cinderella’s shoe, with the help of which the Prince found her again. Young girls love to dress like Cinderella and twirl with broom imagining themselves to be the poor maid who gets to dance with the Prince and eventually becomes the princess. The Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre is bringing those enchanting characters and fascinating story to life with a ballet performance that would be loved and remembered by everyone. Get Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre Cinderella tickets as soon as possible for yourself and your kids and give them a blissful evening they will enjoy the most.

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About Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre Cinderella

Fairytales are present in every culture and they teach moral values and ethical standards to the children. The story of Cinderella is a universal tale of triumph out of hardship. The story has been repeatedly told and everyone is familiar with it in one way or other. The Ballet performance on this storyline is definitely one of the most exciting Ballet productions. It is undoubtedly deeper and wittier than the story and is known to win people’s heart since the start. Cinderella ballet was first performed in Moscow, Russia in 1945. Sergie Prokokfiev wrote it for Kirov Ballet. Over the time, traditional performances of classical ballet were mixed with new and innovative dance techniques making it a unique and spectacular performance. The blend of lyrical classicism and modernity gave rise to a ballet that is more theatrical, inventive and redefined.
The performance of every character in the ballet is truly remarkable. The sympathetic role of Cinderella is charmingly revealed by her movements. She is downtrodden and inherently sweet and her emotions are perfectly expressed by her dancing and standout performance. The way she moves and holds herself, executes steps with elegant finesse makes the scenes of Cinderella alluring and magical. The rest of the performers are equally expressional and fascinating and make the characters fresh and interesting.
The graceful and whimsical performance of the Fairy Godmother as well as funny scenes from ugly sisters with their rude behavior, fat faces, heavy dresses and elaborate make-ups make this ballet memorable. There is an amazing chemistry between the handsome Prince and beautiful Cinderella and their dance scenes are the most loved scenes of the entire performance. The choreography, humor and dancing are well balanced and blended together to make this happily ever after all the more enchanting and delightful. There is something for everyone and this ballet is enjoyed by audience of all ages.
Ballets are famous for their tradition of graceful, precise and flowing dance movements. While story of Cinderella is well received at all times throughout the history, the ballet performance will be one of its kind. The amazing story, outstanding cast, graceful dances and the beautiful ending makes this ballet wonderful. The Pittsburgh Ballet theatre has been known for presenting most famous and splendid ballets for years. So come and get your cheap Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre Cinderella tickets and enjoy the spectacular ballet performance that you will remember for long.

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