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Performing as the resident ballet company at the Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza, Bank of America Performing Arts Center, Pacific Festival Ballet Company has given numerous memorable ballet performances over the years of existence. Since its inception, the company has always sought after bringing the best ballet experience to the patrons as well as keeping the traditional art form of ballet alive in the Southern California. With its performances, Pacific Ballet Company intends to further advance and support the dance among the audience in addition to bringing it to the younger ones with its educational programs. The company also intends to make new audiences for this art form with it community activities as well. With the number of young dancers growing, the company intends to encourage the new and aspiring dancers who wish to make a mark with their talents. The upcoming season of the company will mark its 17th season in which the company continues its tradition of presenting the best of the ballet.

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Over the years, the company has staged and performed numerous story driven ballet performances including its performances of the renowned ballet performance the Nutcracker. The year 2009 marked the sixteenth anniversary of the ballet being performed by the Pacific Festival Ballet. In 2010, the company made its debut with a new show called Noah’s Ark which featured an original score by Eric Allaman. With the premiere of the Noah’s Ark, the company broadened its horizons by bringing daring acrobatics and video montages to the mix. By doing so, Noah’s Ark turned into something a lot more than just a Ballet performance.
This season, Pacific Ballet Company maintains its tradition of presenting new material to its audience by premiering yet another show called the Sea Princess. Pacific Ballet Company the Sea Princess will enchant the audience with its music, dance and aerial acrobats. Directed by the company’s Art Director Kim Maselli, and accompanied with the original score by Eric Allaman, the Sea Princess makes its premiere this season. Make sure you catch all the magic live with Pacific Festival Ballet Company: The Sea Princess tickets.
Keeping its promise of reviving the art form of ballet dancing alive, Pacific Festival Ballet Company brings its yet another creation The Sea Princess that is choreographed by Kim Maselli with the music that is composed by Eric Allaman. The performance tells a tale of Poseidonne, who’s a wicked witch and Ondine who is a princess. In this magical tale, the Poseidonne turns Ondine into a mermaid and takes her into the deep sea. As the plot progresses, the audience will get to see a battle between good and evil, alongside the efforts of reuniting the sea princess with her prince, Raphael. With its fairy tale kind of story, the Sea Princess is equally suitable for children of all ages as well as the whole family.
The sea princess brings the Malibu based music composer, Allaman back in action with yet another original score. Allaman had a flair for music even at his early ages, and over the years he has composed scores for many theatrical pieces as well as movies. He initially started off working for a European electronic group and ghost wrote the musical scores for a number of successful movies. Soon after Allaman had his big break when he was chosen to write a score for a movie called Legends by Ridley Scott.
After being able to score music for a number of indie movies, and operas, Allaman brings his talents to Pacific Festival Ballet Company the Sea Princess. The ballet is expected to attract a large number of patrons of this art form to the venue as the performance is equally suitable for audience of all ages. So if you wish to be a part of this enchanting new tale, then grab your Pacific Festival Ballet Company: The Sea Princess tickets today.

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