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Paris Rouge is a show being presented by the Oklahoma City Ballet. It is the creation of Robert Mills, the artistic director at the company. He is someone who is known for presenting ballets with perfect technique; something that audiences would interpret as being effortless rather than difficult. He uses pure technique and his style is classical and light. Paris Rouge is going to be like his other shows in structure. Like “Pushing Pennies”, it too is a comedy that revolves around the daintiest of human emotions. As the name suggests, the ballet is set in Paris, in a café typical of the city. This beautiful backdrop is perfect for the chaotic comedy element in the storyline where everything goes wrong before loose ends are tied up. The characters make plenty of errors that have the audiences shaking their heads. Potent amongst it all is a story of infatuation and innocent romance. In a series of serious themed ballets, this comes as a breath of fresh air where everything is light and audiences leave the theatre with a smile on their faces. The ballet is perfect for Valentine’s Day, the time of the year it seems to be targeting. So make sure you have your Oklahoma City Ballet Paris Rouge tickets on time.

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About Oklahoma City Ballet Paris Rouge

The presenting team—the Oklahoma City Ballet—are amongst the oldest performing arts centers of the state. They began back in 1963 when it was initiated by John E. Kirkpatrick and his wife. They remained the primary benefactors of the company for many years to come. One of their very first recitals was “Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo”. In this show, the legendary Miguel Terekhov and Yvonne Chouteau were the principle dancers. It was because of them that the company gained credibility as such an early stage. They began to get noticed for their technical work and for taking on acts that many other performing arts institutes would deem too challenging. The current ballet is an example—comedy combined with difficult technique is a challenge for even the most polished of dancers. But this combination is what will sell Oklahoma City Ballet Paris Rouge tickets.
As the ballet grew, they began to look for partners that would increase their authenticity and their footing as the strongest dance centre. Thus, they extended their invitation to the “Oklahoma City Ballet Society” in 1967, asking them to be the resident group at their institute. Another important move they made to legitimize their business was to join the Arts Council that would help them be a registered entity, and automatically become part of the “Festival of the Arts”.
Through the years, one thing has always been the key to the ballet’s success, and that is a strong artistic director. When it comes to their management team, the company has taken no prisoners and has always selected the very best in the industry. Yvonne Chouteau became one of their earliest success stories. She started out as the principle dancer and was eventually given the chance to take over creative direction. She led the companies to its peak where it came to be known as one of the most prominent performing arts centers in the entire country. After she retired, her position was taken by Joy Ludlow and Conrad Ludlow, both of whom were former principle dancers at the “New York City Ballet”. They led the company from 1973 until 1979. They made some important additions that would later on prove to be really beneficial. They founded the ballet school that would become its affiliate and became part of the Allied Arts.
When the duo left the centre, they were succeeded by Stephanie Wolf-Spassoff and Bojan Spassoff, who were dancers at the “American Ballet Theatre”. Up until this point, the Oklahoma Ballet was functioning as a Civic Company. With the arrival of the Bojan, it evolved into a partially professional company. This helped them produce more shows in a year that they would before. Thus, in addition to their annual The Nutcracker gig, they began to work on three separate original productions as well. It also allowed them to work on other famous works and prove that they are capable of classic as well as contemporary.
Today, the ballet is a fully touring company that innovates and works to promote ballet. The Paris Rouge is different to anything other production teams are working on. Thus even getting cheap Oklahoma City Ballet Paris Rouge tickets to see the show would be well justified.

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