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The New York City Ballet is an institution for the arts that has been functioning since 1948. A project started by Lincoln Kirstein and George Blalanchine, it is one of the most prestigious dance companies of the US, and has often been the pioneer in many aspects of the performing arts. It sets the standards which other dance companies strive to meet. Dancers and trainers from the NYC Ballet work as instructors all around the country simply because it functions as an epitome of what a ballet institution should be like. This summer will mark the beginning of a new season, and therefore a new set of programs. Buy New York City Ballet Mixed Program tickets for a chance to see the shows in person.

Buy New York City Ballet Mixed Program Tickets

About New York City Ballet Mixed Program

When the organization was first set up, founder Balanchine took the choreographing responsibilities onto himself in collaboration with Jerome Robbins. This was seen as the most successful creative team, not only in the company, but in the ballet community of the country at large. As a duo, they created programs that would later be deemed as classics. In their early days, they joined hands with “American Ballet”, “The School of American Ballet” and “American Ballet Caravan”, using the pool of talent from among these to showcase their programs. In the present day however, it has developed departments of its own, separate for learners, experts, and professionals. In this manner, they met international standards in ballet. Being a dancer in this company is considered to be a source of pride because only the finest of talents qualify. Moreover, if a particular program is well received, then the star ballerina often achieves celebrity status. Because the ballet has been maintaining that benchmark since day one, it now stands on par with other top companies of the world such as the Paris Ballet, and the Amsterdam Ballet.
In the mixed program, the New York City will also be performing the Swan Lake, which is one of their most successful shows to date. Because they have performed it so much, it is also one of their most polished, and thus a clean cut performance, with the utmost precision and free from technical errors can be expected. The classical Russian ballet in itself has captured the intrigue of people all around the world. The tragedy of the Swan Princess watching her prince fall in love with the wrong woman who ultimately leads to her demise is a story that has inspired many art forms. The original composer of this ballet is Pyotr Illyich Tchaikovsky, someone who is responsible for other ballet staples as well such as “The Nutcracker” and “Sleeping Beauty”. It is often these three ballets that form the basis of any modern day ballet institutions. Whenever a ballet first opens up, one of their first staged programs is “The Nutcracker” with which they prove their legitimacy, and their technical ability, ensuring the audience that they are a serious ballet company. The New York City Ballet has excelled in all of these ballets, and thus will be incorporating shortened versions of it in their mixed programs.
The challenge this season will be to shorten “The Swan Lake” into one act. The original ballet, written in 1875 was written with the long folk tale in mind, and every movement, every infliction of the music was to be part of the story. Tchaikovsky’s vision was to interpret this story onto the stage in a sophisticated manner, with concise movements. This is why the ballet is in four acts. It tells in detail the story of Odette, a princess cursed by a sorcerer to have the body of a swan. The original choreographer of this Russian classic was Julius Reisinger. She watches Odile, often known as the black swan, who is the offspring of the sorcerer and coerces the prince into falling in love with her instead. Odette, however, can only take her true human form during the night time. The lake by which she lives was also formed out of magic, and is a collection of her mother’s tears, shed in grief when she was taken by the wizard. The spell can only be broken if she forms a faithful bond with the prince, and he is faithful to her in return. With New York City Ballet Mixed Program tickets the audience will have the chance to see not only Swan Lake, but a medley of other shortened ballets as well.

Choreographer George Balanchine first found the New York City Ballet in the year 1948 along with Lincoln Kirstein. The premier music director of this company was Leon Barzin. New York City Ballet has had the honor of being the first company of ballet in the United States that has two engagements in venue; one in a theatre in Manhattan and the other one in the Saratoga Springs. Even after all these years the New York City ballet remains to be the most reputable of all the ballet companies in the region. Almost sixty ballets are staged by the city ballet in their winter and spring season and more than twenty are staged in the summer season. The winter and spring season ballets are mostly scheduled at the Lincoln Centre which is in Manhattan and the summer season ballets are mostly held at the Saratoga Springs. People always get their New York City Ballet: Mixed Program tickets and come to enjoy these wonderful ballet programs. The New York Ballet company has hosted one of the biggest hits including A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Romeo and Juliet and The Nutcracker.
Many prominent performers have been part of the City Ballet company such as Allegra Kent, Arthur Mitchell, Edward Villella, Gelsey Kirkland and many more. Allegra Kent is a very famous American ballet dancer as well as an actress. She belongs to Santa Monica and took her education well before joining the School of American Ballet. It might come as a surprise that she had started off with her ballet training at a very early age and she was only fifteen years old when she joined the City Ballet and this was in the year 1953. George Balanchine produced very successful ballets and she was given a role in many of them including the Seven Deadly Sins. One of the very successful ballets of the City Ballet included The Nutcracker and Allegra Kent danced in the role of Dewdrop in it. She had performing with the City Ballet all these years and she retired in the year 1981. She is currently a ballet teacher and later in the year 1997 she published her autobiography. In all her early years she had been a beauty and she was amazing at what she did. This is the reason why she played almost all the major roles of the ballets produced by George Balanchine. She has given her thirty years to the City Ballet being an astounding ballerina for the United States. Although she has retired and many more such famous ballerinas have retired from the company, there are new faces and new talented people who are equally good and you will certainly enjoy after getting your New York City Ballet: Mixed Program tickets.
Arthur Mitchell is another very influential personality as far as the ballet company is concerned. He was born in the year 1934 and not only is he a dancer but also a very successful choreographer. He is known to have created a training school as well as the first ever African American ballet company. He has had the honor of receiving many awards and titles and he is mostly recognized as the African American ballet dancer who received the United States National Medal of Arts. He also happens to have the fellowship of the Fletcher Foundation. At a very early age, Mitchell was left with the financial responsibility of his siblings and he shifted from different jobs working at all times and even being involved in street gang but he was sooner pulled out this bad neighborhood. At a young age, a guidance counselor saw Mitchell’s talent and this is what paved the way for becoming the star of ballet industry. After getting this encouragement, he joined the High School of Performing Arts. He graduated from this school in the early nineteen fifties and soon afterwards won an award. He also got the privilege of getting a scholarship, giving him the ability to study at the American School of ballet. This school has been affiliated with the New York City Ballet company. Almost four years after graduating from the high school of performing arts, Mitchell started his career with the City Ballet company and made his debut with them, giving an outstanding performance in the Western Symphony. Just like Allegra Kent, he also performed in all of the successes hosted by the ballet company such as Midsummer’s Night’s Dreams, Arcade and The Nutcracker. If you want a little hint of all these amazing performers then make sure you get hold of the cheap New York City Ballet: Mixed Program tickets which are available easily now.

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