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In the current age of motion-capture technology and 3D modeling and IMAX, movies have literally become virtual portals into realms that can be fashioned along the lines of any stretch of the imagination. Whether it is the world of Avatar populated with blue-skinned beings or the depiction of a destructive Death Star, the so-called Hollywood blockbusters aim to cater to the seemingly insatiable entertainment addiction of the cinematic audiences. Hence, it is hard to imagine that in the past, movie goers had to make do with silent films, which had subtitles as a norm and live music accompanying each screening to constitute the tempo of the flick. However, as the decades have rolled by, the silent films are now considered an art form, with New York City Ballet's Double Feature having served as a veritable tribute since its premier in January, 2004. Your cheap Double Feature tickets will enable you to witness a double helping of some eclectic echoes from the silent-film era.

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About New York City Ballet Double Feature

The first Ballet piece of Double Feature drops in on two women of meager means who have both borne daughters yet opt to abandon them on the doorstop of the local seminary due to being apprehensive about being able to raise them. However, Dorothy Brooks, the mother of the first child Mabel starts regretting her decision and upon returning to reclaim her baby girl is unable to do so as Mr. Griffith, the father of the second girl Florence has taken both girls back to his home, along with Dorothy's life savings that she left with her daughter. Florence obviously grows under the full love and affection of her natural parents whereas Mabel gets the short end of stick and has to console herself with The Blue Necklace that is her only link to her birth mother. However, when Dorothy becomes an internationally renowned film and dance celebrity, Mrs. Griffith tries to pass off Florence as Dorothy's daughter and heiress by having the former wear The Blue Necklace and perform a dance routine. After Florence fails miserably, and Mabel asserts her ownership of the Blue Necklace, she is reunited with her real mother.

Drawing its story from the money making shenanigans of the gangster bankers of the roaring twenties, the second ballet pirouettes along the shady dealings of Jimmy Shannon and his business partners in attempting to secure a tidy sum amounting to several millions of dollars or face jail time. One way out is becoming eligible for his uncle's inheritance after the latter has passed away, but in order to fulfill his bequeathment condition, he must be betrothed by 7 pm on his birthday, which just happens to be on the same day. However, the one chance that he has is with Ann Windsor whom he has courted for quite some time but is not willing to go all the way. After a failed bride search in central park, a newspaper add gets brides crawling out of the woodwork, converging on the church where Jimmy is anxiously waiting to get hitched, with the lucky bride's identity being revealed at the end. Your cheap Double Feature tickets will definitely allow you to indulge yourself in mesmerizing marriage between silent films and ballet without having to spend a small fortune.

The first act of Double Feature is titled The Blue Necklace and runs for some 69 minutes, weaving in the music of Irving Berlin, one of the most acclaimed songwriters of the American musical milieu, with a Cinderella like yarn. Makin' Whoopee, the second installment of the Double Feature and based on the Roi Cooper Megrue's play Seven Chances, attempts to work in the music of Walter Donaldson into Susan Stroman's choreographed ballet ramblings in under an hour.

The Double Feature offers its audiences a concentrated dose of the music of Irvin Berlin, such as the tracks Alexander's Ragtime Band, Slumming on Park Avenue and Steppin' Out with My Baby, and the quintessential silent film tunes of Walter Donaldson, such as the title number, My Baby Just Cares for Me, My Blue Heaven and Love Me or Leave Me. Susan Stroman has previously received a Tony Award for her work on the musical The Producers. So for feasting on a ballet buffet with a quintessentially American flavor, albeit having Russian trappings, book some Double Feature tickets now.
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