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George Balanchine was a visionary Ballet Master who co-founded the New York City Ballet and was also its co-founding choreographer. He is credited for creating some of the most unforgettable performances including Bouree Fantasque, La Valse, The Nutcracker, The Seven Deadly Sins, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Harlequinade, Don Quixote, Movements for Orchestra and Piano and Bugaku, among several others. He is known to have created at least four hundred and sixty-five peaces and for taking on the NYCB to all new levels of national and international acclaim. The widely awaited New York City Ballet Balanchine show is now celebrating the artist’s most beautiful creations, making New York City Ballet Balanchine tickets quite a sought-after treat among ballet fans.

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About New York City Ballet Balanchine

NYCB was founded by Lincoln Kirstein and Balanchine in 1948 with Leon Barzin as its first music director. The Company grew from earlier troupes including the American Ballet, Producing Company of School of American Ballet, Ballet Caravan, Ballet Society and the American Ballet Caravan. Jerome Robbins and Balanchine have been credited as the Ballets’ founding choreographers, who not only created an expansive repertory but established quite a reputation with performances like Pulcinella, Mother Goose and Le Tombeau de Couperin. Currently, the Company is under the directorship of ballet master Peter Martins, while its creative team comprises of ballet mistress Rosemary, ballet masters Susan Hendl, Jean-Pierre Frohlich, Albert Evans, Karin von Aroldingen, Lisa Jackson, Russell Kaiser, Sara Leland, Kathleen Tracey, Richard Tanner and Christine Redpath.
New York City Ballet Balanchine performance will reflect the artist’s signature style that has been described simply as neoclassic, meaning a reaction to Romantic anti-classicism. The latter style was the dominant style all over Europe and Russia, when Balanchine entered the dance scene. As a choreographer, he basically laid a certain de-emphasis on ballet plots, so that it is essentially the dance that should be allowed to be the star of the performance. However, the significance of the story was still given the color needed as is obvious in ballets such as in Agon, Liebeslieder Walzer, La Valse, Apollo, La Sonnambula, Sotch Symphony, Prodigal Son, and Harlequinade. More story-dependent ballets integrating the elements of the narrative and dancing include Coppelia, Nutcracker and A Midsummer Night’s Dream. He has been called the greatest choreographer of all time owing to his successful fusion of more modern concepts with classical ballet’s older ideas. According to him it is the dancing element of a show that is much important, being a core visual spectacle where the dancers must remember that the way to reach the audience is through the eyes. The illusion created must be convincing to the audience, similar to the work of a magician.  
The upcoming New York City Ballet Balanchine show celebrates the artist who received much official recognition from all over the world for his contributions to this art form and holds a prominent place for shaping it, among other twentieth century artists.  In 1978, he received the first Kennedy Center Honors that was presented at the White House by President Carter, alongside other ballet masters Fred Astaire, Marian Anderson, Arthur Rubenstein and Richard Rodgers. In 1980, he was given honor by the National Society of Letters and Arts with a Gold Medal of Merit; New York Chapter of American Heart Association with Heart of New York award; and Austrian Government with an Austrian Cross for Honor of Letters and Science
Through the earlier years, he had already received honors for Distinguished Service to Arts award from National Institute of Letters and Art; French Commander of Order of Letters and Arts decoration, and French Legion of Honor. By 1983, he was honored with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, which is the highest and most prestigious honor to be conferred on a civilian of the US, and marked the last honor he received during his lifetime.

Today, under the directorship of ballet master Peter Martins, the NYCB along with the School of American Ballet, continue their dedication to the preservation of the legendary artist’s ideals. The New York City Ballet Balanchine performances are aimed at celebrating this visionary Ballet Master so make sure to book some cheap New York City Ballet Balanchine tickets and be there to watch the most epic of Balanchine’s works.

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