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The Swan Lake is a classical Russian ballet. Traditionally, it is the story of a princess who is cursed into becoming a swan, and who watches her beloved fall in love with the wrong woman. Over the years, the story has intrigued many and has thus sprouted a number of different interpretations as well. This ballet has been composed by Pyotr Illyich Tchaikovsky who has written other famous works, such as “Sleeping Beauty” and “The Nutcracker” as well. These three shows are the very basis of any ballet institute in the modern world. Derived mostly from folk tales, his works have inspired many composers today. To watch a contemporary interpretation of the classical play, get NJ Performances of Swan Lake tickets.

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New Jersey Ballet Swan Lake

Events Venue Location Date Tickets
Moscow Festival Ballet: Swan Lake Bergen Performing Arts Center Englewood Wednesday
4/4/2018 8:00 PM
Moscow Festival Ballet: Swan Lake Community Theatre At Mayo Center For The Performing Arts Morristown Wednesday
5/9/2018 7:30 PM

About New Jersey Ballet Swan Lake

The original ballet was staged in 1875. Tchaikovsky was inspired like in his other works, by Russian folk tales and decided to interpret this story onto the stage in the most sophisticated form of dance. The ballet was written in four acts. It was the story of Odette, who was princess in the body of the swan, having met this fate because of a sorcerer’s curse. The original choreographer of this show was Julius Reisinger. The show was then premiered in Moscow at the “Bolshoi Theatre” and was produced by the “Bolshoi Ballet Company”. After the original staging, there have been several revivals, both of the music composition and of the staging and story, most notably done my Riccardo Drigo.
The origin of the Swan Lake story is still disputed and has been debated over by historians everywhere. Fyodor Lopukhov calls it the “national ballet” because of the swans. He mentions how having swans in the centre of lyrical and romantic content is a Russian art form and has existed for many years. In addition to that, the plot and the idea of a faithful love are also purely Russian. The origins of the ballet are also obscured. There are not very many recordings of the original that have survived and thus the original form of the libretto has always been highly debated. It however has been concluded that it was Vladimir Petrovich Begichev that composed the original as part of the “Moscow Imperial Bolshoi Theatre”.
The lead ballerina role is given to the character of “Odette”. Traditionally, the role of “Odile” is also played by the same performer. But the main character, Odette, plays the role of the enchanted princess, who has been turned into a swan by Von Rothbart. She can only go back to being human again in the nighttime. Odile is then the daughter of this evil wizard, who tricks the prince into falling in love with her instead. As a swan, she lives by a lake which was also formed out of magic, by the tears of her mother when she was kidnapped by the wizard. The reason behind this has remained hidden in the original version of the ballet. The only way the spell can be broken is if she forms a bond with a young man where they remain faithful to one another. If this is not made possible, then she would remain as a swan forever. A similar version is going to be staged this season as NJ Performances of Swan Lake tickets go on sale.
It is when she is being transformed from a swan to a human that she meets Prince Siegfried. They fall in love and he promised to love her forever and remain faithful to her. This gives her the hope that the spell can be broken soon. However, the hope soon disappears as Odile comes along. The main male role is Prince Siegfried. He too has appeared in many different forms in different interpretations. Some give him a more important role than others. In many modern interpretations, he remains a secondary character. In the original story, it was shown that after Odette kills herself of grief and seeing death as the only thing that can break the spell, Siegfried follows suit and jumps in the lake. In the final sequence, the two are then seen rising to heaven together. In many contemporary versions however, to add to the tragedy, the prince is seen as remaining enchanted by Odile forever. In a different interpretation, the spell is broken once Odette dies and the prince is shown to be heartbroken. Those who want to see this classic ballet being reenacted, find cheap NJ Performances of Swan Lake tickets online.

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