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The tale of Hamlet is as old as the hills, perhaps even older. An act of brotherly rivalry results in one brother claiming the life of the other in a fit of jealousy and then going to some length in covering it up. Biblical lore depicts this brotherly bashing as the tale of Cain and Abel, in which the former slays the latter because "the Lord" rejected his agricultural offering but accepted Abel's succulent and meaty ones. As if taking a cue from the Bible, William Shakespeare penned Hamlet at the onset of the 17th Century and set it in the Kingdom of Denmark. Hence, in the last four centuries, Hamlet has been copiously copied and adapted for stage, radio, television and cinema, and is arguably the most filmed tale after Cinderella. Latch on to some Hamlet tickets now to witness a moving ballet rendition courtesy The National Ballet of Canada.

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Stretching its plot over two acts, Hamlet picks up the story in the aftermath of the murder of King Hamlet at the hands of his scheming brother Claudius. King Hamlet's namesake son Prince Hamlet vow's to avenge his father's murder upon his grave. Later he is informed by the palatial guards of the sighting of his father's ghost, and after witnessing the despicable and lascivious behavior of Claudius around his mother, as well as the scheming on the part of secret lady love Ophelia to spy on him, he feels more and more isolated and starts hatching a plot to expose Claudius. The second act sees Prince Hamlet uses the acting shenanigans of a travelling troupe to dramatize King Hamlet's murder by Claudius and is successful in pricking the latter's guilt. Though Hamlet is able to reconcile with his mother Queen Gertrude, there are dire repercussions that results in the deaths of Polonius as well as Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, Claudius's advisers. What makes matters worse is Polonius was also Ophelia's father, who commits suicide after learning of her father's slaying as well as being spurned by Hamlet. Claudius tries to capitalize on the situation and instigates Laertes, Ophelia's brother to avenge his sister's and father's deaths by challenging Hamlet to a duel. A poisoned wine swig and mutual poisoned sword stabbing later, Laertes, Claudius and Hamlet as well as Queen Gertrude are all dead and Hamlet's friend Horatio is left with the task of setting the record straight for the future.
By claiming some cheap Hamlet tickets now, you will be able to treat yourself with a stunning performance put together by the National Ballet of Canada that has been choreographed by Kevin O'Day who is currently serving as the Artistic Director of Ballet Mannheim. He has adeptly tackled the multi-layered thematic structure of Hamlet in a remarkably poignant manner and has come out with flying colors, not unlike the seemingly aerial ballet vocabulary that he has infused within the Hamlet ballet. Kevin has artfully navigated the classical elements ingrained in traditional depictions of Hamlet and embellished them with his own edgy and contemporary takes, resulting in a scintillating soundscape that is cut at distinctive intervals by decisive yet exhilarating overtures.
The National Ballet of Canada has been defining the frontiers of the Canadian ballet scene for more than six decades, having been styled after the Royal Ballet of UK. Prior to the creation of the National Ballet of Canada kin 1951, the Royal Winnipeg Ballet as well as the Volkoff Canadian Ballet had been dominating the ballet milieu of Canada. Their selection process was highly exclusive to the extent of being out rightly discriminatory and so prompted a group of ballet stalwarts to bring in Celia Franca over from UK's Metropolitan Ballet to found the National Ballet of Canada. Your cheap Hamlet tickets will enable you to partake of this glorious legacy packaged in a moving ballet tale of treachery.
The National Ballet of Canada's Hamlet debuted in Stuttgart, Germany in 2008 and has been enthralling ballet aficionados and average theater goes alike. Guillaume Côté as Hamlet has the power to evoke deep sentiments within the audience and along with McGee Maddox as Laertes, render them teetering on the edge of their seats through their visceral depictions in the climatic fight sequence. So claim some Hamlet tickets now to undergo a sensory regalement upon a befitting ballet buffet.

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