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As Edward Villella, the former New York City Ballet dancer, thought of forming his very own Ballet company, Miami City Ballet was born as a result in 1985. Based in Miami, Florida, the company is regarded as one of the most respectable ones amongst several other regional ballet companies. A huge number of works is courtesy to George Balanchine’s work who was Villella’s mentor and obviously one of the greatest source of inspiration too.  But besides Balanchine’s works, a number of other works by Mark Morris, Twyla Tharp, Trey McIntyre and Jerome Robbins are performed with much pride and are appreciated extensively. The traditional classics like Don Quixote and Giselle are audience favorite since years and are followed like anything.

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After facing some legal matters, Villella stepped down in 2012 while Lourdes Lopez took the charge of the artistic director thus keeping things in line. Miami City Ballet performs almost 100 shows annually and comprises of 55 dancers. The wide array of dancers surely makes it stand by the international standards as the performers from Germany, Japan, Venezuela, Cuba, Switzerland and China truly reflect their professionalism through their performances. Serving the theatrical needs of the residents and tourists residing in Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach Areas and Miami, Miami City Ballet claims to own four South Florida counties. Besides these local commitments, the company remains busy with the national and international tours all the year around. In 2006, the company reached its 20th anniversary which called for celebration and much special performances.
In 1993 the company took another venture of starting a ballet academy by the name of Miami City Ballet School. Directed by Linda Villella the school is the true reflection of Edward Villella’s dance moves which he developed and refined since the time he was at New York City Ballet. During the school year more than 350 students are accepted while 200 students turn up for the Summer Intensive program alone. Thus the school’s programs are much in demand and students with passion for dance and ballet emerge in pretty good numbers to quench their thirst for learning an art form.
A much havoc was sensed when Edward Villella announced his early departure from the company as many claim it to be an irrational decision. Villella claims it in the best interest of the company as tension was being raised between the Board of Directors of the company and Villella. 75 Year old magnetic star of New York City Ballet, Edward Villella considered it a wise call to step down thus trashing all the frictions created by the influential group. As the founder of the company left it, he left it with grace and with an open heart. He never wanted to jeopardize the company and according to Villella this could be detrimental to the company, its dancers and the kids who very much make the company what it is today. The value and love for the company, dancers and the students is truly precious for Villella and he values them like anything. And it is this trust in the performers’ ability that has made the company stand at the high pedestal.
As the company made its New York City debut in 2009, the appreciation and rave reviews were just a few treats as the performers have committed themselves to reach the sky. The versatile moves and agile bodies makes the dancers simply stand above the other performers as no one can beat them for sure. Those who watch their performance once claim it to be not only exquisite but to the point of tears of elation.  Miami City Ballet tickets will ensure your presence at a dream land where the dance moves will surely force you to transcend to another land far beyond your imagination. Grab your chance this season and relish the performance with cheap Miami City Ballet tickets in your hands. The family and friends will never thank you much when they will relish the performance at the arena. So make their holidays worth recalling as the shows will cast the spell on them for sure!

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