Los Angeles Ballet Balanchine Festival Red Tickets

Los Angeles Ballet Balanchine Festival Red is an exciting part two of the legendary two part series created by George Balanchine. The event will showcase three brilliant works by the maestro of choreography such as La Valse, which is a dazzling waltz filled with wild and intense energy that hints doom, Rubies, that is a mesmerizing personification of the real gem’s panache and attractiveness, and Agon. If you are a fan of Balanchine’s works or would like to be a part of a spectacular live entertaining show that will leave you with some treasured memories then this is the best time to get your Los Angeles Ballet Balanchine Festival Red tickets and revel into a captivating show.

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About Los Angeles Ballet Balanchine Festival Red

The total running time of this classic production by the famed Los Angeles Ballet is approximately of two hours and does not include any intermissions. The performance of this event is suitable for people of all age groups to enjoy however there are some strict rules of no pictures and videos to be recorded by the audience at the event. The three most influential works of Balanchine that you will witness being performed live at this event will leave you totally captivated. In La Valse you will see a one-at narrative ballet being performed to the beautiful music created by Maurice Ravel. The music provides a lead into the fascination of a young woman’s mind with a mysterious character at a certain ball. This performance of the event is ignited with Igor Stravinsky’s music score on which a total of twelve ballet dancers all wearing white and black costumes are seen engaging in a terrific competition of dance in Agon. For the performance of Rubies, Balanchine collaborated once more with Stravinsky. The music score of Rubies is more bent towards a glitzy piece and this performance is the high-spirited center section of the original full-length ballet called Jewels.
The Los Angeles Ballet is well known for showcasing some of the best ballet shows ever. It is also quite famous of staging the authentic versions of the repertory of Balanchine’s. These shows are stylistically detailed which makes them a lot of fun to watch. The Los Angeles Ballet Balanchine Festival Red is going to be featuring tour-de-force performances and there will also be a segment called The Balanchine Talks that is a discussions and interviews program of about 45 minutes before the start of each performance.
The Los Angeles Ballet is situated in Los Angeles in California in the United States of America. The company was created in 2006 and has been presenting some of the finest entertaining ballet shows since its inception. The company is managed by Colleen Neary and Thordal Christensen who are husband and wife. They effectively serve as the artistic directors of the company. Christensen used to dance with the acclaimed Royal Danish Ballet. He performed with his wife Neary together with the Pacific Northwest Ballet as well as the New York City Ballet. The Royal Danish Ballet company designated Christensen on the position of the artistic director in 1999, while Neary became the first ever mistress to be in control of the productions. She is also a known repetiteur for the popular George Balanchine Trust. This is a post that permits her to produce her own selected ballet works of Balanchine for most professional ballet companies.
The Los Angeles Ballet is today recognized as being a top-notch ballet organization. It has effectively produced eighteen astounding productions which have encompassed more than 35 works that also comprise of riveting commissioned world premieres. The company tours all over the Los Angeles County and is known to be regularly appearing at several various venues. The Los Angeles Ballet Balanchine Festival Red is expected to be a roaring success.
You can now be a part of a stunning live ballet show that will marvel you and captivate you by getting your cheap Los Angeles Ballet Balanchine Festival Red tickets today. The experience that you will have at this event will without any reasonable doubt be totally mind blowing and one that you will remember for a long time to come. 

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