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If you are into classical music, you must not miss out on Los Angeles Ballet Balanchine Festival Gold. This is one of the most astounding events of the season that can help you rejuvenate your mind and soul. Los Angeles Ballet Balanchine Festival Gold tickets are now available and if you want to find cheap deals, you must hurry and secure some now. Cheap Los Angeles Ballet Balanchine Festival Gold tickets can certainly make this performance more exciting as they will allow you to be a part of this celebration of music in an affordable way. So wait no more and secure tickets for this heartwarming performance where you can enjoy divine melodies and dance.

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About Los Angeles Ballet Balanchine Festival Gold

The Los Angeles Ballet Balanchine Festival Gold is basically the first portion of a two-part series of George Balanchine masterworks. It comprises of four works from the ballet maestro’s impressive repertoire, including La Sonnambula that revolves around themes such as love, jealousy, and murder. It is a one-act ballet that presents dramatic effects in the most powerful way. In this performance you will also get to experience Tchaikovsky Pas de Deux in addition to Ballet Bravura! as well as  The Four Temperaments. These performances present a well-synchronized fusion of classical and contemporary movements.
This event is truly a celebration of the legacy of the legendary choreographer George Balanchine. Other than featuring masterfully executed performances, you will also get to see The Balanchine Talks in this show. Los Angeles Ballet is well-recognized for its powerful performances and the present work is certainly one of their best. Since 2006, the company has been providing the world with great dance and music. It is led by Thordal Christensen and Colleen Neary. Neary is associated with The George Balanchine Trust as well. Every show from this company is a feast for the theatergoers. This is why whenever they are on tour, fans never miss out on a chance to experience their fantastic works.
Some of the popular dancers of Los Angeles Ballet are Allyssa Bross, Christopher Revels, Dina Bilofsky, Brandon Binkly, Alexander Castillo, Julia Cinquemani and Chelsea Paige Johnston. Every member of this company has incredible experience and talent in their respective field. They present perfection in movement and create a wonderful spectacle on the stage. The music at their show also deserves applause. It touches the deepest part og your inner being and takes you to a journey of love, passion and beauty.
Ballets always make for one of the most entertaining forms of performing arts and entertainment. They have elements of sophistication, delicacy and delight, whereby making you forget about your worries. Those who want to take a break from the boredom of life always find that attending a ballet turns out to be a great choice. It is truly due to powerful shows such as the Balanchine Festival Gold that this genre of entertainment has become even more appreciated. Those who have been to a show by Los Angeles Ballet can have a fair idea of how amazing this celebration of dance and music will be. But the ones who have not yet been lucky enough to attend a performance from this reputable company must not let go of this chance, where they can discover Los Angeles Ballet at its best.
As this performance has universal appeal, it can just be perfect evening of entertainment for the entire family. So when you get Los Angeles Ballet Balanchine Festival Gold tickets for yourself, also remember to get some for your family and friends as everyone deserves a spectacular ballet such as this. As theatergoers are already looking for tickets for this much awaited fiesta, you must act fast and get your hands on some or you will miss out on one of the hottest shows you can ever experience.

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