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Lexington Ballet Company Coppelia tickets are available to see the show that has been a favorite with audiences across the globe for decades. The ballet holds a place of eminence in performing arts and has played a vital role in the use of marionettes automatons and dolls in the genre. The cheerful production has the evergreen themes of mistaken identity, mischief, love and jealousy.

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About Lexington Ballet Company Coppelia

The Lexington Ballet Company is one of the leading nonprofit organizations in the US. Based in Kentucky, the organization was found in the early seventies. Since then the company has gone on to stage several productions which have won high acclaim. In the past four decades Lexington Ballet Company has come to be a name associated with quality shows. Performances by the company include both classical and contemporary shows. Now the company is staging the classic ballet Coopelia. Be part of the Lexington Ballet Company Coppelia event to see the show. The witty classical is sure to be an entertaining experience for all ages.
Coppelia is based on a novel ‘Der Sandmann’ by E.T.A. Hoffmann. The ballet made its debut performance in 1870 at the famous Théâtre Impérial l'Opéra in Paris. Proving to be a hit with the audiences the production went on to be the longest running show at the venue. A delightful production Coppelia is known for its music which was given by the renowned French composer Léo Delibes. Credit for the choreography goes to Arthur Saint-Léon. Later the ballet was also choreographed by the legendry George Balanchine.
Coppelia has three scenes and is made up of two acts. A light and entertaining production, the ballet combines the elements of romance and comedy. The story of Coppelia revolves around a couple Swanhilde and Franz. Both are very much in love and happily engaged. An important character in the ballet is the strange local inventor Dr Coppelius. A mysterious girl Coppelia draws everyone’s interest when she starts appearing on the inventor’s balcony. The girl sits on the balcony all day reading. Soon the whole village is mesmerized by her and much to Swanhilde’s concern Franz falls in love with the girl.
The fame of the ballet has let it to be adapted for stage as well. Coppelia’s stage adaptation was premiered at Gene Frankel Theater. The ballet has come to have a place of significance in popular culture. It has been referred to in the film The Red Shoes, The Fantastic World of Dr. Coppelius / El fantástico mundo del doctor Coppelius, Ballerina and many more. Coppelia has also been referred to in other ballets. Also the ballet has been narrated in the novel ‘No Telling.’ Now there is a chance to see the celebrated ballet at the Lexington Ballet Company Coppelia stage show.  
The merry production features colorful costumes and remarkable choreography. Lexington Ballet Company is known for the talent of its dancers who have won acclaim for their display of skilled footwork and graceful movement. The combination of the dancer’s talent and work of such high stature is sure to make the show a memorable experience. Cheap Lexington Ballet Company Coppelia tickets are available to see the performance. Be part of the performance as the skilled dancers narrate the story. The light hearted performance is sure to hold interest for children and adults alike.

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