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Spring Desire is an exquisitely romantic, refreshingly modern and cutting-edge ballet performance produced by the well-established, prestigious and truly innovative Joffrey Ballet Company. Spring Desire as the name suggests, breathtakingly beautiful with a light, floating, feathery fairy tale quality that is almost celestial in its essence. Joffrey Ballet Spring Desire show basically features a two part performance titled In the Night and Age of Innocence which are then followed by a small bonus performance of sorts, called World Premier by Val Caniparoli. The two main acts combine elements of classic and contemporary ballet while also skillfully fusing together centuries-old musical compositions with very modern choreography only to create something completely, absolutely and quintessentially artistic in its every component. In Spring Desire pieces of old and new artistic endeavors have been intelligently deconstructed and then fitted in together strategically to form new wholes with remarkably distinctive attributes of dance and music flowing rhythmically alongside. 

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The significance of Joffrey Ballet Spring Desire tickets as a must-have just cannot be understated given the extensive cultural exposure the audiences are enriched with. Joffrey Ballet Spring Desire performance is proof that the Joffrey Ballet is devotedly committed to the creation of new ballet shows that are woven in with classic and modern threads only to become an overwhelmingly fascinating tapestry of performing arts. The first act of the ballet is choreographed by the theater-work genius director, producer and choreographer Jerome Robbins (1918 – 1998) who has gained much fame for his special talents in the area of Broadway and classical ballet. The incredible artist won several awards including those for dance; in 1961, he received a special award for his extraordinary choreographic accomplishments in films from the famous Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Before he died, in 1998, he also won five prestigious Tony Awards and two Academy Awards. 
The first act applies the music of the Eighteenth century composer Frederick Chopin, who is named among the most influential and skillful maestros of the Romantic music genre. Owing to his powerful and overwhelmingly moving music he earned the title of ‘poet of the piano’. Most of his works centered on solo piano compositions which are considered to be very sophisticated, complex and technically demanding since they focus a lot on the attributes of emotional depth and nuance. Chopin’s music is valued for being expressive, personalized and classically pure which adds to its cathartic capacity. Joffrey Ballet Spring Desire show has used Chopin’s romantically powerful music that is particularly perfect for nocturnal theatrical impact during which three couples ballet their way through their journeys. This combined with Robbins’ masterful choreography becomes what the Chicago Tribune considers to be the most indulgingly ‘lush’ and completely pleasing romantic ballets of all times. Cheap Joffrey Ballet Spring Desire tickets are truly valuable in bringing the compound of high intellectual art works in the form of an ethereal fairy-tale-like ballet.
Joffrey Ballet Spring Desire performance combines the works of master music composers Thomas Newman and Philip Glass with the wonderful choreography of Edwaard Liang in the second act titles Age of Innocence. The Chicago Sunday Times has described this act to be very ‘newly minted masterpiece’ owing to the ballet’s innovative features introduced in the dance forms alongside new music. Edwaard Liang is quite accomplished in his field of choreography and has won the 1993 medal in the international ballet competition called Prix de Lausanne and the honorable Mae. L Wien Award for his talents. Thomas Newman, the remarkably outstanding conductor and composer, has won awards for creating some of the best instrumental compositions. Get some cheap Joffrey Ballet Spring Desire tickets so you too can listen to the substantially high brow music of such legendary artists. 
Philip Glass, another composer of the second act, is counted among seriously well-recognized composers who have written the most effective pieces of classical music today. Glass considers himself to be a ‘Classicist’ since he specializes in the areas counterpart and harmony, and has made many significantly impacting contributions to symphonies, operas and musical theatres. The Age of Innocence is dedicated to Glass with particular reference to celebrating his birthday. The three artists of the second act together have explored the story of womanhood through the sands of time and their strength in the face of adverse social constructs. This ballet is a one time, rare opportunity to watch and hear all that is artistically captivating so get the Joffrey Ballet Spring Desire tickets and create an important memory for years to come.

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