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Joffrey Ballet, a company synonymous with everything that is great about dance is about to put on show a fantastic performance. The Joffrey Ballet Rite of Spring is now just around the corner to give fans a taste of on stage excellence. This is the teaming up of a world famous dance organization with a ballet regarded by many to be among the greatest of all time. If you are a theater fan then book your Joffrey Ballet Rite of Spring tickets now and catch it live as this wonderful act goes on tour.

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About Joffrey Ballet Rite Of Spring

The Joffrey Ballet was incepted in the year 1953 by the duo Gerald Arpino and Robert Joffrey. During those days almost every dance organization focused on performing toned down versions of various ballets. The Joffrey Ballet of Chicago, as it was known back then was among the first dance companies that used to perform as a touring group. They took to the stage for their debut major performance in Chicago in the year 1957.
The company moved to New York shortly afterwards and was given its current name, the Joffrey Ballet in 1965. It immediately made its mark which brought its way the chance to become resident ballet of the City Center after the end of the 1966 season. Hits like Trinity, The Green Table, Façade, Pineapple Poll, Le Tricorne, Parade and Le Beaue Danube all made their presence felt and played a big part in pushing the Joffrey Ballet into the spotlight.
The legendary Twyla Tharp was invited by Joffrey to make her commercial debut with the company. The name of the ballet was Deuce Coupe which turned out to be a big hit. The company moved from New York back to its roots in Chicago in 1995. The Joffrey Ballet has been a pioneer in more ways than one. It is the first dance organization to show its talents at the White House as well as the first to make an appearance on the television screens around the country. On top of that the Joffrey Ballet is also the organization that introduced the use of multimedia. It is also the only dance ballet organization to grace the cover of the Time magazine and the first one to take to the stage in Russian for a rock ballet.
Now it is going to make a stunning addition to its repertoire with the performance of the Joffrey Ballet Rite of Spring. The best part is that this stunning ballet will be revived in its original form. The Rite of Spring is a composition by Igor Stravinsky. This theatrical masterpiece was specifically written to be performed in 1913 as part of Sergei Diaghilev performances in Paris. Nicholas Roerich took over the costumes and the designs whereas Vaslav Nijinsky was handed the role of the choreographer.
Its first performance came on 29th May 1913 at the stunning Théâtre des Champs-Élysées. Its music generated a lot of headlines.  At the time of its debut it was widely considered to be ahead of its time which made it all the more unique. The ballet has since attained the status of one of the most amazing musical creations in history. The ballet has seen numerous revivals and is a frequent presence on stages in the US and abroad.
The Rite of Spring is a ballet that begins with a group of young men and women dressed in dark in ancient surroundings. They start off with slow rhythmic dances that eventually become aggressive in nature. The men pick up the women and take them down the stage when an old man comes and calms the situation. The men kneel in front of a fire and the second part commences with the girls standing near the fire waiting for one of them to be selected to be sacrificed to the earth. The selected girl stands alone and then joins the group around her to dance violently before falling down to meet her demise.
The Joffrey Ballet Rite of Spring is a reincarnation of this magnificent ballet in its purest form. This is a match made in heaven between a dance company affectionately known as “America’s Company of Firsts” and a trendsetting ballet. If you are a classical theater enthusiast then this is your chance to grab cheap Joffrey Ballet Rite of Spring tickets and experience the magic of this epic performance.

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