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One of Igor Stravinsky’s best works is “The Rite of Spring,” a ballet and musical that he wrote in 1913. It is a story of ritual, tradition and sacrifice. A young girl is chosen to be sacrificed as part of a ritual to celebrate the advent of spring in olden-day Russia. The story revolves around a young girl who dances herself to death. It portrays pagan Russian traditions and is divided into two parts. The first part is called “The Adoration of the Earth,” while the second part is called “The Sacrifice.” The first part of the ballet is about the celebration of spring and shows tribeswomen dancing in a trance to welcome the new season. In the second part of the show one of the women is chosen as a sacrifice and is supposed to dance to her death in front of the elders of the tribe.

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The show was first performed in France in 1913. It was not an immediate hit and was not performed again for quite a few years. Later in 1920, Léonide Massine choreographed a second version of the ballet. This version of the show was first performed in the United States in the ‘30s where it was adapted to a Native American setting instead of a Russian one. The show has been performed many times since in the US and has won admiration and support from audience. It has also been continually revived and adapted over the years and has been appreciated everytime. Take some time out to witness this ballet and claim The Rite of Spring Houston tickets.  

Cheap The Rite of Spring Houston tickets are now available for you and your friends and family. They are a chance for you to enter another era in time. A time when the seasons were celebrated, blood sacrifices were made and dance was seen as a connection to the gods. See how human society has evolved over time or ask yourself whether we have really evolved. The ballet still has symbolic meanings and messages for modern day life. On a different level, just enjoy the beautiful ballet dancers as they take you on a journey of life and death to seasons of birth, spring.

The first part “Adoration of the Erath” consists of different settings. The first setting of the play called “Augurs of Spring” starts in a village up in the hills where fortune tellers are trying to predict the future and people are getting ready for the coming of spring. The next part, “Ritual of Abduction” is about young girls of the village gathering and beginning to dance in hopes of being chosen for the sacrifice. An old woman is trying to predict the future at the same time. The third setting of the show “Spring Rounds” consists of another dance, while the fourth part “Ritual of Rival tribes” begins with the division of the tribe into two groups who are in opposition to each other. Next, the sage and the leaders of the tribe enter the set in “Procession of the Sage: The Sage” and bless the land. In the last set of the first part called “Dance of the Earth,” the entire tribe starts dancing with all their heart and soul to offer themselves to their deities.

The second part of the ballet called “The Sacrifice” begins with the set “Mystic Circles of Young Girls” in which all the young women of the tribe engage in tribal games with each other. In the “Glorification of the Chosen One,” one of the young girls is chosen to be sacrificed based on her performance in the games. Next, in “The Evocation of The Ancestors,” the girls who are not chosen dance in front of the elders leave, and then in the “Ritual Action of Ancestors,” the chosen one is put in the care of the elders of the village. In the last sequence of the show “Sacrificial Dance,” all the people of the tribe leave and the girl who is chosen is made to dance just in front of the sage and the elders of the village to the point of death. See the passion with which this young girl sacrifices her life for the love of spring and her village and book The Rite of Spring Houston tickets.