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The ravishing version of Nijinsky by the Hamburg Ballet appeals to everyone. This year as the opera comes to your city on their national tour, grab some Hamburg Ballet Nijinsky tickets to see the performances of the dance world's superstars in this spectacular show by John Neumeier. You will get to watch John Neumeier’s amazing choreographic skills in this two-act opera live. To exercise his inventiveness and wit, Neumeier was waiting for something exactly like Nijinsky. It is a story based on the tumultuous life of Valav Nijinsky and is the trademark of Hamburg Ballet. Get your tickets now to watch this dynamic and gripping theatre performance.

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About Hamburg Ballet Nijinsky

In Germany, the opera premiered in Hamburg in 1678.  In this flourishing Hanseatic town, Hamburg Goosemarket Opera was the first opera-house for the general public of Germany and depicted the work of art-loving citizens of this town. This opera used to treats its clients with regular ballet performances but due to the fact that these were rather crude, the opera soon closed its doors in 1738. The opera in Germany underwent several changes and was led by many ballet directors like Hans Macke, Van Dyk, Sonia Arova and Fred Eckhard. It was in 1970 that Van Dyk left the Hamburg opera and company suffered much deterioration until 1973 when John Neumeier was appointed as the new ballet director. 
John Neumeier is an American choreographer and founder of the Hamburg Ballet, the world renowned ballet company. Neumeier, with his natural flair for the dramatic, has helped Hamburg Ballet in growing into an affiliated ballet school. It’s due to his radically oriented aesthetic sense that today Hamburg Ballet stands as one of the world’s greatest ballet companies. His skills are clearly reflected in the unconventional staging of some of the classics like “Swan Lake” which is set in a courthouse and “Sleeping Beauty” where the prince wears blue jeans. Most of the Neumeier’s works are large scale undertakings. The company’s signature piece is Bach’s “Saint Matthew Passion” which was most notable for its staging in the St. Michaelis Church and “Nijinsky,” the story of one of the most accomplished ballet dancers of the last century. Both ballets have been performed in many opera houses throughout the world. Many of Neumeier’s ballets have taken their inspiration from Shakespeare’s plays and make a major group in the repertory of Hamburg. These include “Romeo and Juliet, “set to the score of Prokofiev; “Hamlet,”  set  to the Michael tippet’s music and “Othello” which was set to the compositions of Alfred Schnittke and Arvo Part.
From 1969 till joining the Hamburg Opera Company, John Neumeier remained the director at Frankfurt opera house and was the guest choreographer at Royal Winnipeg Ballet from 1971 to 1974. He was also made the ballet director of Hamburg State Opera in 1996. It was owing to his great choreographic skills that received the Prix Benois de la Danse in 1992. Among the other ambitious projects done by him include some original scores like Peer Gynt and other commissioned works like “Liliom,” “The Little Mermaid” and “Odyssey.” Ballettzentrum Hamburg – John Neumeier, the dancing school and boarding house was opened by Hamburg State Opera in 1989.

With John Neumeier’s able directorship, the Hamburg Ballet has been persistently growing since 1973. This year Hamburg Ballet’s awe-inspiring theatre epic, Nijinsky is going to be performed and premiered in various cities as a part of season 2012-2013.This season marks the 40th anniversary of the Hamburg’s acclaimed ballet group led by John Neumeier. Nijinsky which was created in 2000 is a full-length ballet to pay homage to Vaslav Nijinsky, the greatest ballet figure of 2oth century. This Russian choreographer is considered as the most gifted male dancer who has helped immensely in establishing a new dance vision.

Captivating the dance lovers since its 2000, Nijinsky feature the costumes and lighting by Neumeier. Hailed as darkly triumphant, Nijinsky has now become the trademark of its creator. To watch this thrilling theatre performance and one of the most celebrated works of John Neumeier, get some cheap Hamburg Ballet Nijinsky tickets now. Do not miss out on this amazing chance to be a part of something this great.

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