Eifman Ballet Chicago Tickets

Eifman Ballet Chicago tickets
Based in Saint Petersburg, Eifman Ballet requires no introduction whatsoever when it comes to the emotionally indulging experience that is ballet. Led by the renowned Russian Choreographer Boris Eifman, Eifman Ballet has received global recognition for its excellent delivery of that emotional charge that is the part of the whole Ballet experience. Eifman’s choreography portrays various human psychological states when they reach to their extreme, as well as the gloomy portrayal of tormented sexuality. Before all that, Eifman graduated from Leningrad Conservatory and after his graduation he was designated at the director of the Leningrad Ballet Ensemble when he was 30 years of age in 1977. Eifman served as the director there for more than thirty years.

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Under his leadership, Eifman Ballet has been a huge commercial and critical success. Eifman Ballet performs frequently in St. Petersburg, and also takes it act to all over the globe. Eifman Ballet’s performances are mostly positively received all across the world and are attended by many. Eifman Ballet’s repertoire includes pieces like, Anna Karenina, The Karamazovs, Red Giselle, The Mystery of Life and Death, Russian Hamlet, Pinocchio, Who’s Who, Don Quixote or Fantasies of a Madman, Onegin, Tchaikovsky and Requiem. So all you ballet lovers in Chi City, brace yourselves as Eifman Ballet brings its acclaimed acts to your city. So with your Eifman Ballet Chicago tickets you’re sure to get your money’s worth.


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Q:Can i pay for Eifman Ballet Chicago tickets through my MasterCard?

A:Yes, you can pay for Eifman Ballet Tickets through MasterCard. American Express, Visa and Discovery are also accepted modes of payment for the tickets.

Q:What will be the show timings of eifman ballet in chicago?

A:All the relevant information regarding the event is mentioned on the Eifman Ballet Chicago Tickets page.