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The new ballet by Boris Eifman known as Rodin is a show that has been dedicated to the life and the innovative work by one of the greatest sculptors, Auguste Rodin and Camille Claudel his muse, lover and trainee. Join in to enjoy this beautiful and passionate ballet event in Toronto by grabbing your Rodin Toronto tickets and experience a delightful performance. The ballet explores the intense relationship filled with high flying drama. For nearly 15 years, Claudel and Rodin had been a united sensual and ingenious body. However, their breakup resulted in the mental breakdown of Claudel which resulted in her epic devastation. Blooming in misery, isolated and nearly forgotten by the world, Claudel lost her mind. She was driven by a conviction that there was some sort of a conspiracy against her and Rodin was the main culprit.

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Claudel unfortunately spent 30 years in a mental institute where she breathed her last in 1942 while completely forgotten and left alone by those who once knew her. Rodin is a great artistic expression about the catastrophic lives some geniuses live through. This psychological modern ballet has been conceived on the subject of human passion shared by Rodin and Claudel in not just their lives but also their work. Toronto is a fascinating city that hosts some of the greatest live shows. Your cheap Rodin Toronto tickets are guaranteed assurance of an exciting evening that will be unforgettable.