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Diavolo is a dance theatre company based in Los Angeles. It has been running successfully since 1992 when it was first started by Jacques Heim, who remains the owner even today. The company is very different to other dance organizations. While there are plenty that give importance to ballet, tap and other tradition forms of arts, this institution provides instruction in modern dance as well. This includes contemporary styles, those that require gymnastics and acrobatics as well. Since its establishment, the company has organized many tours so that their performances can be showcased all over the country. They will be embarking on a similar tour this summer, for which Diavolo Tucson tickets have hit the market.

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Heim himself was a graduate of the “California Institute of Arts”. His vision wanted to take his art form on a completely different level from what is to be expected of a regular dance show. In his tour shows, he incorporates large structures upon which the dancers perform risqué movements and difficulty choreography that requires a vigorous amount of skill. His work has been featured on television and film as well, including the top rated BBC America program, “Dancing with the Stars”.
Apart from producing and organizing touring shows, Heim also indulges in educational programs that are designed to reach out to talented students in schools who would otherwise have no outlet to bring out this unique talent. He regularly holds workshops which showcase what the company does so more kids can be a part of it. To watch some breathtaking performances, get your hands on cheap Diavolo Tucson tickets.