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Lake County’s favorite theatrical organization, the Dancenter North is bringing yet another classic presentation of the classic ballet, the Magic of the Nutcracker. Watch as one of the most renowned production houses in American recreates Clara’s dream once again. Treat yourself and your children to a magical presentation full of lively dance routines, breathtaking backdrops, colorful costumes and a story that will take you on an exciting journey. Become witness to the Dancenter North Magic of the Nutcracker show simply by grabbing Dancenter North Magic of the Nutcracker tickets now.

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About Dancenter North Magic Of The Nutcracker

The musical production is making its way to the Genesee Theatre located in Waukegan, Illinois. Constructed back in 1927, the movie palace and concert hall is known to host a variety of entertaining shows. Constructed by D.T. Webb, H.C. Burnett and A.L. Brumund with the aim of bringing to Illinois a distinct community center, the Genesee Theatre cost one million dollars. The year 1989 saw further renovations to the concert venue which rounded up to a figure of twenty five million dollars.
Over the years several mainstream artists have made their way to this grand facility. Some of the singers and standup comedians who have performed include Bryan Adams, David Archuleta, Clay Aiken, the Temptations, Kenny Rogers, and Bill Maher, Larry the Cable Guy, Kevin Hart, Daughtry and Alice Cooper amongst countless others.

The upcoming musical that is expected to be held on the stage of the Genesee Theatre is the Magic of the Nutcracker ballet. The event will be brought forth by the Dancenter North Production Company. Performing the classic holiday musical since the past twenty years, the theatrical company is known to present over one hundred shows on an annual basis. Become a part of their most popular ballet production that has grown to become one of Lake County’s favorite versions of E.T.A Hoffman’s “The Nutcracker and the Mouse King”.

The story of the musical presentation starts off at the house of Dr. Silberhaus. It’s the eve of Christmas and friends and family are enjoying a gathering at the mansion as carolers cheer on the streets and snowflakes cover the ground completely. Children gather around the Christmas tree anxiously waiting to open their presents. Their wait is finally over when Silberhaus family’s godfather, Herr Drosselmeyer joins the party. The godfather who is also a famous inventor presents the two Silberhaus children, Fritz and Clara with their Christmas presents. Clara who is Drosselmeyer’s favorite godchild receives a wooden nutcracker. With this the godfather tells all the children the story of the Nutcracker and the Mouse King, using the wooden nutcracker as a puppet. All the children listen to the magical tale, absolutely spell bounded and mesmerized by the fantasy.

Soon the party ends and everyone makes their way to their warm and comfortable beds. Clara lays the wooden nutcracker beside her and soon falls asleep until she is awaken by the sound of a clock. Clara lets out a shriek as she sees countless mice approaching her from all directions. Suddenly the nutcracker that is lying beside her comes to life and starts attacking the mice. Gaining victory against the Mouse King, the nutcracker then transforms into a living boy. He then takes Clara by the hand and escorts her towards a majestic golden sleigh as the two make their way to the Snow Queen.

The musical ballet then enters its second act where Clara and the nutcracker are seen entering the Land of Sweets. Filled with colorful candy the people of the land welcome Clara and the nutcracker and announce a celebration to be hosted in their honor. The celebration showcases the classic dance styles from Russia, Spain, China and Arabia. The Sugar Plum Fairy also joins the celebration along with candy clouds, bon-bons, marzipan, gingerbread men and cane candies. As the second act comes to an end, Clara bids farewell to the fairy and the merry people of the Land of Sweets. Upon awakening she finds herself gripping on tightly to her nutcracker doll as she lies under the Christmas tree. Watch the magical story on stage as the Dancenter North Magic of the Nutcracker prepares to hold another addition of the ballet. Buy Dancenter North Magic of the Nutcracker tickets today to reserve seats for the entire family.

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