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Carmen is a contemporary ballet show performed by the well-established Cincinnati Ballet company. Carmen was originally created in the form of an opera communiqué by George Bizet, an Eighteenth Century French musician, who composed Spanish music for operatic purposes. Years later this piece was choreographed according to the requirements of a ballet performance by Italian choreographer Amedeo Amodio. Cincinnati Ballet Orchestra presents the same movements incorporating modern dance steps with classic ballet, against a contemporary backdrop of beautiful Seville.  Cincinnati Ballet has captured the true essence of Carmen as a passionate story beset with irony and tragedy, while performing the melodic score on lines of Amodio’s dramatic forms. The mix of brilliant choreography, impressive set and costume designs alongside Amodio’s classic piece, has made those Carmen tickets popular among a wide age range of audience.  

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Carmen tells the tragic love story that centers round a beautiful seductress who is dedicated to keeping her independence instead of surrendering herself to the control of man. Her relationship with men is supposed to be on her terms, and she makes sure that her fate is determined according to her decisions alone. The plot of Carmen thickens where two men of power, enchanted by the charms of her feminine strength, try at every turn to try and possess her, while she remains adamant to yield to neither. The story is underlined with several themes including feminism, power, betrayal, fidelity and ultimately, with the age-old concept of stars and fate. The plot is very modern with reference to suggesting a woman’s ability to live a free and independent individual who, while fragile in constitution, can bravely confront and accept what fate has ruthlessly decided for her.  

Carmen is better known as Bizet’s most popular opera work, which first premiered in 1875, in Paris. His works are accepted as masterpieces that changed the shape of French operas, while they were used by and inspired by many artists in the 20th century, in particular classical composers who have taken themes from Carmen and used them as the basic framework of their creations. Carmen has also been used for many film adaptations since as early as 1907 when it was first created on screen under the directorship of Arthur Gilbert, to as late as 2011 when it was performed by the Royal Opera of London and released in theaters as a 3D movie. Carmen has also been performed several times as a musical including the production of Carmen Jones, a Broadway presentation in 1943. It has been staged in the form of ballet many times since 1949 when it was created by Roland Petit, and ran more than five thousand times in London. Then in 2012, Cincinnati Ballet took up the masterpiece and prepared a classical ballet, which while upholding traditional ballet characteristics also incorporates modern and theatrical movements that together deliver the most dramatic works Amodio imagined. 
Cincinnati Ballet was created in 1958 and is today recognized as one of the leading ballet companies in the United States. The performance of Carmen upholds all the elements the ballet company aims at compounding together to deliver a convincing performance; the power of dance is inspirational and communicates a certain passion for the art form. The show also demonstrates a certain standard of artistic excellence and dedication, to be counted among other leading ballet schools. Cincinnati Ballet aims at enriching its audience with the advancement of the dance form, while also pushing the boundaries of ballet to create more innovative moves. Their shows are supposed to be educational in their capacity to encourage professional art forms like ballet. The performance characteristics of Carmen have captured all these elements with its intense scenes particularly the one in which Escamillio, the matador is seen dressing before a mirror and Carmen suddenly appears. 
Carmen is a must-watch with its lavish backdrops and rich costumes, where women are seen dancing about in traditional Spanish garb while the matador’s majestic getup captivates the spectators amid a heightened sense of drama. This show is one that must not be missed owing to its classic drama, ballet and musical features, so get those Carmen tickets and experience the cultural enrichment.

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