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The twice Emmy Award winning musical production of the classic Peter Pan stars the legendry American gold medalist gymnastic Cathy Rigby in the lead role. The musical capturing the magic of J.M Barrie’s original play takes the audience into an adventure filled journey into Neverland. This production of the merriment featuring superb technical expertise has performed successfully on Broadway. Not stopping there the production has toured across the country entertaining the audience with Rigby’s charismatic performance. Now this captivating musical is coming to Rhode Islands. To watch the adventures of the boy who would never grow up get cheap Cathy Rigby Peter Pan Providence RI tickets.

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Cathy Rigby in the role of Peter Pan demonstrates her athletic background as she flips, does handstands, performs flying illusions and somersaults with precision and grace. The Tony Award nominated actress has been starring in the lead for more than thirty years now. Charming the audience with her performance as the much loved Peter Pan Cathy Rigby takes the legend to a new level. The adventures of Peter Pan have thrilled generations and the classic still delights with the buoyant character and his encounters with the other much loved characters of Captain Hook, Wendy, and Tinker Bell.
The fantastic costumes, clever stagecraft, stunning sets and effective lightning make this production even more appealing. Cathy Rigby giving the jovial character of Peter Pan gives a delightful performance. Get Cathy Rigby Peter Pan Providence RI tickets to take a journey into the magical world of Peter Pan.