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The South is usually famous for its rich African-American culture, soul music, rock ‘n’ roll and what not. However, there are certain institutions that have been instilling considerable European elegance in the Southern charm. Carolina Ballet is one of those entities that have brought classical musical and dance traditions from across the Atlantic into a region that had once been infamous for having another kind of resource being brought from across the ocean. However, Carolina Ballet has maintained its course on a mission that has seen it bring world-class ballet performances to the so-called "Triangle Region" of North Carolina. The ballet company doesn’t just use the works of other entities but has also commissioned choreographers to produce original works of most of the prominent masters in history. One such grand master is George Gershwin whose famous Rhapsody in Blue has been paired with choreographer and composer extraordinaire Lynne Taylor Corbett’s December Songs. Book some Carolina Ballet Evening of Lynne Taylor Corbett tickets to be treated to a double helping of quintessential ballet dancing.

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About Carolina Ballet Evening of Lynne Taylor Corbett

Carolina Ballet saw its creation in 1997 when it evolved from the Raleigh Dance Theater. The latter organization had been established in 1984 and was managed by founder Ann Vorus until being succeeded by Mary LeGere as Artistic Director. However, this entity was not a professional company and it was not until 1993 when on the suggestion of Raleigh based lawyer Ward Purringtan that Ms. Vorus took the necessary steps to take the Raleigh Dance Theater towards becoming a professional venture. The newly formed Carolina Ballet had Robert Weiss as its first Artistic Director in 1997. Robert had previously served as Principal Dancer with New York City Ballet and then held the position of Artistic Director of Pennsylvania Ballet. From the get go, Mr. Weiss did not just busy himself in the administration and running of the organization but also involved himself actively in creating awareness within the community regarding the various programs that Carolina Ballet was intending on offering.
Carolina Ballet kicked things off with a spring gala in 1998 that featured a whole host of dancers from other notable ballet companies such as Miami City Ballet, American Ballet Theater and Kirov Ballet. The company's own debut performance featured some 21 dancers that hailed from all across the world and Carolina Ballet was able to attract over 2600 subscribers. Around 2,500 first-time patrons attended the performance of Square Dance, as choreographed by the great George Balanchine, at Cary’s Regency Park. Your cheap Carolina Ballet Evening of Lynne Taylor Corbett tickets will let you be counted amongst the scores of patrons that this company has had over the years.
In the past fifteen years, Carolina Ballet has built up an impressive repertoire that boasts more than 130 ballets including more than 90 originally commissioned works. Out of these, over forty were personally crafted by Robert Weiss, such as Handel's Messiah that was among the first ballets to be performed by the company, as well as Carmen, The Kreutzer Sonata, Romeo & Juliet and Stravinsky's Clowns over the years. Caroline Ballet made its world premiere in 1999 in the form of a collaborative performance with the Ciompi Quartet and delivered it at the Reynold Auditorium at Duke University.
The Carolina Ballet Evening of Lynne Taylor Corbett will feature a performance of December Songs as choreographed by the Tony-award and Drama Desk Award nominated director. Lynne Taylor Corbett has a career spanning more than three decades and works such as Shakespeare's Cabaret, The Fields of Ambrossia and Swing! to her credit. She choreographed her work December Songs to music composed by Maury Yeston. Maury is most famous for writing the lyrics and composing the music for the 100th Anniversary celebrations of the Carnegie Hall in 1991. The finished composition for December Songs is called the "song cycle" and comprises of vignettes that were created by Taylor. The vocals will be rendered by none other than Lauren Kennedy, Raleigh's own theatrical celebrity to have been featured on Broadway and having performed the lead role in Evita in 2011 in Raleigh Memorial Auditorium. So book your Carolina Ballet Evening of Lynne Taylor Corbett tickets for a melodiously memorable evening of contemporary ballet.

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