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If you are a fan of classical theater then the Boston Ballet Coppelia is exactly what the doctor ordered for you. The combination of a timeless classic and one of the biggest ballet companies in the world today makes it a production that just can’t be missed out on. So this is your chance to buy Boston Ballet Coppelia tickets and catch this magnificent spectacle live. The Boston Ballet Coppelia is a re-creation of one of the most magnificent ballets of all time. Coppelia has been a part of the folklore for well over a century to rank among the most legendary productions in history. It first graced the stage in the year 1870. Arthur Saint-Leon was the choreographer.

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About Boston Ballet Coppelia

Coppelia has since undergone a lot of revivals. The version by the legendary George Balanchine is what will be on show at the Boston Ballet Coppelia event. Balanchine added his bits to the original production to give it a new look. The ballet consists of three acts. It begins with the people of Galicia, a village paying homage to the bell tower at a festival.
Dr. Coppelius is a toy manufacturer and a magician who has a life size doll he holds very close. Franz is a guy from the village who in in love with Swanilda who finds a key to Coppelius home and sneaks in with some friends. Franz does the same but through an open window. Coppelius finds Swanilda’s friends and ushers them out while she hides. Franz gets incapacitated by a potion and the doctor then thinks of bringing his doll to life by sucking the energy out of Franz. Swanilda then dresses up as Coppelia and starts to dance. The magician thinks he has done the impossible but his elation is short-lived as he soon finds out that it is Swanilda doing the dancing. The scene changes to the couples of the village coming all dressed up and standing in front of the mayor of the town to celebrate “The Festival of Bells.” Swanilda and Franz are to be married soon as Coppelius looks on with despair.
The other feature that makes Boston Ballet Coppelia such a magnificent production is the company that will be providing the stage for it. The Boston Ballet was incepted in the year 1963.  The company really started to grow in stature for the first time when Violette Verdy took over in 1980. During his four year reign he transformed the way the organization was being run and turned it into a global brand.
The blueprint was followed by the likes of Bruce Marks and Anna-Marie Holmes who made sure Boston Ballet continued its journey towards excellence.  All the hard work has more than paid its dividends in turning the company into one of the most famous ballet production houses in the world today. The tradition has been carried forward by Mikko Nissinen, the current Artistic Director. The Boston Ballet has expanded its repertoire over the years and now produced productions in neo-classical, classical and also showcases masterpieces from the modern era of theater.
The Boston Ballet Coppelia promises to be a captivating production in every sense of the word. On one hand there is Coppelia, a ballet that has stood the sternest of tests, the test of time to still rank among the most iconic theatrical productions of all time. One the other side is Boston Ballet, a company that has pushed boundaries and given ballet productions a new dimension. The event is not too far away now, so book your cheap Boston Ballet Coppelia tickets and watch this magnificent production live.

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