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BalletMet Columbus Dracula will be company’s another event epitomizing excellence, class and sophistication backed by riveting music that adds to the plot. It will further bring into picture the reasons why BalletMet Columbus continues to grow in stature and acclaim with each passing show. The ballet draws its inspiration from Bram Stoker’s novel that goes by the same name, thus showcasing the human life cycle while touching various facts. It reflects that eventually man has to come to terms with reality while letting nature take its course. Through Dracula’s character the contradictory aspect of life also comes to the fore signifying the co-existence of love and hate. Although Dracula is perceived as evil but he shows the softer side of him around Mina. Moreover, his life may reflect eternity, something that all humans dwell on, but it also brings with it its downside. Executed flawlessly through spot-on choreography and music, the upcoming event is worth a watch. If you wish to watch a master piece, buying BalletMet Columbus Dracula tickets will be worth every penny.

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About Balletmet Columbus Dracula

Music plays a mammoth role in any ballet when it comes to accentuating the mood and expressing the plot. BalletMet Columbus Dracula is no exception. Hence, David Nixon, former Artistic Director, is credited for its apt music which comes off as melodious yet compelling at the same time. The music is a blend of various compositions by twentieth century composers such as Alfred Schnittke, Michael Daugherty, Sergei Rachmaninov and Arvo Part while mostly utilizing Schnittke’s works. Nixon knew that every piece was different; reflecting its composer’s signature style yet all of them had a common ground. Some of the compositions are: Faust Cantata, Concerto Gross no.1, In Memoriam, and Requiem by Alfred Schnittke; Symphonic Dances, op.45.II Andante Con Moto by Sergei Rachmaninov; Metropolis Symphony by Michael Daugherty; and Wenn Bach Bienen Gezuchtet Hatte by Arvo Part.
Established three decades ago, the BalletMet Columbus has witnessed around one hundred and thirty-six world premiers. Being one of the most reputed dance companies in America, its national and international popularity knows no boundaries. In the past few years it has performed in places like Moscow, Poland, Spain and Egypt. Located in Central Ohio, the company has put up some of the most memorable ballets; The Nutcracker, Don Quixote, Swan Lake, Cinderella, A Mid Summer Night’s Dream, Butterfly and Beauty and the Beast are to mention a few. Moreover, having artistic/ executive directors like Gerard Charles and Cheri Mitchell directors on board has also been a blessing as far as the broadening of the repertoire is concerned. They helped the company take a big leap ahead by adding ballets such as Coming into View, The Man in Black, Cracked Nutz, Giselle, 365 Times…Neither Fish Nor Flesh, Lost and Found, Alice in Wonderland and many more.
In fact every artistic director who has served the company has lent meaningful contributions. Wayne Soulant was the first artistic director of the BalletMet Columbus in 1978, the time when only 12 professional dancers graced the stage for the inaugural season. In 1986, John McFall took over the job of serving the company. He widened the repertoire by bringing in 60 new works while introducing talents like Ben Stevenson, James Kudelka, George Balanchine, Liz Lerman etc. The year 1994 saw another artistic director named David Nixon who turned out to be a creative genius. He not only added to the repertoire but was the force behind the company’s comprehensive training programs for the dancers. Hence teaching and preparing them to face the real world. One of the reasons behind the drastic changes was Nixon’s out-of-the-box approach towards expanding the company. He believed in deviating from the path laid down by others by challenging the norms. Consequently adding nineteen world and company premiers each while also bringing his own productions to the surface - Dangerous Liaisons, Dracula, Romeo and Juliet, and Carmen being a few. Joining the company in 2001, Gerard Charles was another name to set the benchmark. Under his wing the BalletMet saw world premiere of a number of ballets such as Aladdin, Alice in Wonderland etc. Charles’ endeavors regarding the expansion of international tours have also paid off. Buy cheap BalletMet Columbus Dracula tickets to watch another performance by one of the finest ballet companies in America.

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