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You are a genius if like a few years back you ever thought contemporary ballet and state of the art video game technology will fuse together to create one truly unique spectacle. A lot of people would have made fun of you or might have considered you something along the lines of being insane but not anymore thanks to the spectacular event called the Dancetech. It really is a truly one of a kind show that will bring together modern video games technology and mix it with traditional ballet to create a unique performance. So it goes like this, if you are a ballet or a video game enthusiast then Dancetech tickets are all that you need to be a part of this one-of-a-kind show.

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About Balletmet Columbus Dancetech

The event is organized and hosted by the famous Balletmet Columbus which is why it is also known as the Balletmet Columbus Dancetech. The institution has been lauded for the excellence that every performance conducted by them shows. They have sold out arenas everywhere so this latest installment will not buck the trend either and Balletmet Columbus Dancetech tickets will be sold without any major problems. This striving for excellence all started in the year 1974. Two years down the line Ballet Metropolitan Ensemble consisted of six dancers who started to perform in and around Columbus. In 1977 they performed at around sixty shows to further improve the profile of the company. By next year twelve dancers were brought onboard by Balletmet’s artistic director Wayne Soulant who went about transforming the company into a professional ballet. Their debut ballet was Kinderszenen and gradually over the years many more spectacular ballets were also added to ever increasing list.
John McFall was named as the new Artistic Director in 1986 and he introduced another sixty works in the eight years while he was at the helm. Not only that but the organization also took its first steps to become the global sensation it is today by performing their first ever show at Cairo, Egypt.  David Nixon replaced McFall and he took the company into a more professional and technical direction. He further added to the repertoire to take Balletmet to levels unheard of till he stepped down in 2001. Gerald Charles then became the latest artistic leader and took it even further by introducing classics like Cinderella, Don Quixote and Alice in Wonderland etc. Balletmet is now a touring sensation as well. Since its debut at Cairo the company has regularly performed in front of hundreds and thousands of fans every year. The initiatives to take ballet to areas it has never before ventured into is what makes it such a big name and you can see one of those groundbreaking ideas by buying Balletmet Columbus Dancetech 2017 tickets for it is going to be a performance that cannot be missed.
The Dancetech will forever change the way we look at ballets. It might sound a bit too high-tech to a lot of people but on close inspection it is a match made in heaven. To bring the whole concept to life the Balletmet management has contacted renowned video games music composer Sean Beeson to work on the score. They have also brought onboard Alan Price who specializes in providing 3D visuals to video games that react to real-live events. This technology will be used to track the movement of the dancers which will then trigger a movement in the graphics to be seen on the screen. Then there is Balletmet’s very own Jimmy Orrante who will be responsible for the choreography.
These three facets will come together, probably for the very first time ever to create an extravaganza like no other. To think about a concept as daunting as this is one thing, to have the talent to actually pull it off is a totally different beast altogether which makes everything related to it all the more intriguing. Ballet and video games, together, who would have thought so? Well now that some people have, it gives us an opportunity to experience it and what better way to do it by buying Balletmet Columbus Dancetech tickets and watch it live.

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