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Ballet West Jewels is one of the best creations by acclaimed ballet master George Balanchine. This award winning ballet was produced primarily of the New York City Ballet. Balanchine created it in three different parts with music adaptations of three genius composer. Jewels is nothing but an immaculate production that is a must watch for all ballet lovers. Here is your chance to enjoy it so just get Ballet West Jewels tickets.

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About Ballet West Jewels

As evident from the name, the production will be staged by the popular American ballet company Ballet West. The company has been producing quality ballet works since 1963. The home of Ballet West is Salt Lake City, Utah and it initially started as Utah Civic Ballet. The founding members of this company were ballet dancers William Christensen and Glen Walker Wallace. This company also has a ballet teaching school known as the Ballet West Academy. In the past famous personalities like Bruce Marks, Jonas Kage and John Hart have worked as directors of this company. Current director is Adam Sklute. Other artists that are currently associated with Ballet West are Christiana Bennett, Katherine Lawrence, Ronnie Underwood, Haley Henderson Smith, Easton Smith, Emily Adams, Rex Tilton, Adrian Fry and Elizabeth McGrath.
George Balanchine was a Russian who was born in 1904 in St. Petersburg. He was a man with different qualities as he was an actor, choreographer as well as director. His first ballet teacher was his mother who herself was a trained dancer with a passion for ballet. George’s father was a well-known Russian composer Meliton Balanchivadze. During the late 20’s he eventually moved to the US to pursue his passion of ballet. In the early 30’s he went on to make the renowned School of American Ballet with the help of Edward Warburg and Lincoln Kirstein. The first ever ballet work that was staged by Balanchine was Serenade with music of Tchaikovsky. He later went on to create works like Alma Mater, The Seven Deadly Sins, Mozartiana, On your Toes, Slaughter on Tenth Avenue, Babes in Arms, I Married an Angel, Keep Off the Grass, Cabin in the Sky, The Lady Come Across, The Merry Widow and The Chocolate Soldier.
Jewels Ballet was made by acclaimed choreographer and ballet teacher George Balanchine in 1967. It premiered at the New York State Theater in April 1967. For this debut production the lights were done by Ronald Bates and set designing by Peter Harvey. This ballet was kind of unusual as Balanchine created it in three acts which he named Emeralds, Rubies and Diamonds. Music for each of this act featured compositions of different composers. Rubies featured music of Igor Stravinsky, Emeralds music was of Gabriel Faure and Diamonds was by Pyotr Tchaikovsky. The average running time for both Diamonds and Emeralds is almost 31 minutes whereas Rubies has a relatively shorter time of just 19 minutes.
In the last four decades, Jewels has been staged a number of times by different ballet companies such as Paris Opera Ballet, Los Angeles Ballet, National Ballet of Canada, Royal Danish Ballet, Oregon Ballet Theater, Miami City Ballet, Pacific Northwest Ballet and Royal Ballet London. It was revived by New York City Ballet in 2008 with seasoned artists like Alina Dronova, Ashley Bouder, Phillip Neal, Stephen Hanna, Ana Sophia Scheller.
Ballet West Jewels is certainly a jewel in the crown of Balanchine. Some critics even consider it as one of the best ballets created in the last few decades. If you love watching ballet performances and haven’t had a chance to watch Jewels then you have missed it all. Here is your chance now as tickets for this event are going cheap, quickly get cheap Ballet West Jewels tickets and have a great time.

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