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Ballet West Don Quixote is full of romance and comedy along with great music and dance. The ballet is on road now and Ballet West Don Quixote tickets are available to liven up people’s lives, taking them to world of beauty and elegance.

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About Ballet West Don Quixote

Don Quixote is a timeless ballet performance. It was originally adapted from a chapter from ‘Don Quixote de la Mancha’, a novel written by Miguel de Cervantes in 1605-1615. It was first performed in 1869. Its premier show’s choreography was done by Marius Petipa. Ludwig Minkus was its composer. Moscow’s Ballet of the Imperial Bolshoi Theatre company produced it as a four act show which consisted of eight scenes. Later, Minkus and Petipa revised and expanded the ballet into eleven scenes of five acts. This elaborated version was performed in 1871 at St. Petersburg’s Imperial Bolshoi Kamenny Theatre. Another revised version was presented in 1900 at the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow. The great Ballet Master, Alexander Grosky choreographed it.  His focus was more on the characterization and naturalism than on the bravura technique which is an ostentatious display of ballet skills. Most of the modern derivations of the show are taken from Grosky’s production.
The company founded by Anna Pavlov was the first one to bring the ballet from Russia to other countries in the year 1924. It came to the United States in the latter half of the twentieth century with New York City Ballet and American Ballet Theatre staging the initial performances. This time Don Quixote is going to be performed by the premier company of the United States of America, Ballet West which is located in the Salt Lake City in Utah. Ballet West Don Quixote is the production of Anna-Marie Holmes, the first American ballet dancer to get her training from the Soviet Russia. She will be using the original music of Minkus. Moreover, Don Quixote tickets will give the audience a taste of the bravura technique as the presentation will be based on the original Petipa production. It will consist of the same number of acts and scenes as the 1869 version. You will not be able to resist this performance, particularly with the availability of cheap Don Quixote tickets.
You are going to love the story after watching the show, if you do not already. The tale begins with the protagonist, Don Quixote de la Mancha, reading his favorite stories about fantasies of giants, knights and damsels in distress. He falls asleep and dreams of his dream girl, Dulcinea. When he wakes up, he determines to become a knight-errant and find Dulcinea. In the first act, the scene shifts to a market place in Barcelona. There is an inn-keeper, Lorenzo, whose daughter Kitri has fallen in love with Basilio, the barber. Don Quixote mistakes Lorenzo to be a lord and swears allegiance to him. Lorenzo, delighted, brings him home. Don Quixote thinks Kitri to be his Dulcinea. Kitri runs away with Basilio and Don Quixote follows them.
In the second act, the party catches up with Kitri and Basilio. Basilio tricks everyone into making them believe he killed himself and blackmails Lorenzo into joining him with Kitri. The hero then travels on and finds a camp of the gypsies. He thinks their chief to be a king and his daughter, Graziosa, to be his Dulcinea. Graziosa runs away with a clown and Don Quixote is injured in the process. In the third act, he meets or rather dreams that he met Dulcinea in a forest clearing where he is found asleep by the Duke. In the fourth act, the Duke takes him to his castle where Don Quixote loses a duel and vows not to wield his sword for a whole year. Watch all this with your cheap Don Quixote tickets and find out what makes this legendary idealistic hero indulge into hilarious mistakes.
To conclude, Ballet West Don Quixote presents the story in all its Spanish flamboyancy. With gypsies, bull fighting, dances, jokes, comedy and romance exploding onto the stage, there will not be a minute to breathe. All those who will be entering the theatre with their Ballet West Don Quixote tickets will certainly feel the energy and the vivacity of the performance. So purchase the Don Quixote tickets and be prepared to have a great night out! 

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