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Ballet West Cinderella Prices tickets bring a great show for you and your family this season. Ballet West Cinderella is an effort by the Ballet West this season that will revive one of the best loved classic stories. It is all set to make your Valentine’s Day more romantic than ever. So watch out for it. Ballet West is a ballet company from Salt Lake City, Utah. It has been supporting the cause of reviving and preserving the classical dance form of Ballet. In 1963 this company was formed by the Utah Civic Ballet. Under Glenn Walker Wallace the first president William F. Christensen, the first artistic director the ballet became an important part of the city’s cultural face and community life. The Ballet got its name in 1968, when it represented Western United States under the umbrella of Federation of Rocky Mountain States. The company has a very versatile and talented troupe of performers and team of choreographers who have been creating and presenting brilliant shows every season. The Ballet West Academy is a part of the Ballet’s Education and outreach program.

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About Ballet West Cinderella

Cinderella is a classical fairy tale that has been performed by Ballets since 1813. Throughout the 1800’s and to the start of the 1900’s many productions of this show took place. In 1945 names like Marius Petipa, Enrico Cecchetti and Lev Ivanov came together and recreated this story in their own style. They based it on Charles Perrault‘s version of Cinderella. The Bolshhoi Ballet presented it after the WWII ended, at that point in time it became a sensational show. Titled as Rostislav Zakharov’s Cinderella, the show was staged beautifully. It was choreographed by Zakharov, Petipa and Ivanov and used the memorable score by Sergei Prokofiev. The story line at that time celebrated the defeat of the Germans in the War. The show’s theme clearly marked the triumph of peace over tyranny. Tchaikovsky’s classy scores helped Prokofiev to create a wonderful score with the help of librettist Nikolai Volkov. Petipa’s choreography was made to fit the storyline and the characters. Galina Ulanova as Cinderella became a legendary star of the show in the leading role. In 1946, Kirov Ballet used Prokofiev’s score and presented Konstantin Sergeyev’s Cinderella. It starred another legendary dancer Natalia Dudinskaya in the lead role.
Cinderella had a very Russian look and feel until it fell into the hands of Sir Frederick Ashton. Like other directors Aston also used the mesmeric score by Prokofiev; that brilliantly reflected every emotion and moment of the story. This tale of romance and love between Cinderella and the Prince came out as a completely different ballet piece. As the WWII had ended and Ashton had more resources at his disposal, he used them wisely and expanded on the time and elaborated the plot with details. These steps were experimental, but they helped in bringing the first ever full-length Cinderella ballet to theaters. This Cinderella was clearly British in the look and feel. Most Ballet companies adapted the details of characters introduced by Ashton. The most prominent one is that of the stepsisters who are consistently mocked for their vanity.
Ballet West’s annual Gala is an event that brings great showstoppers from every season. On this occasion it showcases a variety of ballet shows which range to brand new act to classic repertoire. Ballet West Cinderella is a wonderful effort by the Ballet where this well known tale is retold based on Sir Fredrik Ashton’s version. The Artistic Director of the Ballet West, Adam Sklute has made sure that is new and exciting in every way. Sklute’s creation is has been staged by the Ballet West a couple of times before and is one the favorites the Ballet fans. Cinderella has been presented by many Ballet companies across the globe. In the United States, the show Ballet West Cinderella happens to be one of the best. It has great versatility and is technical sound making it a brilliant piece of drama. All theatrical elements of this Ballet are sound and with the help world-class ballet artists, the show has become one of the most awaited shows for the Valentine.
Ballet West Cinderella Prices for this Valentine’s Day are greatly discounted. With Ballet West Cinderella tickets you can watch a brand new production of the show. This show is already getting great reviews for its brilliant opulence. It has magic and beauty that will make you fall in love with it. Cheap Ballet West Cinderella tickets are more affordable options for this staging. Don’t miss out on them.

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