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Princess Aurora aka The Sleeping Beauty may have been able to awaken from her deep slumber of a hundred years from just a simple kiss from Prince Désiré. However, for the global human society to extricate itself from its century long state of cognitive obliviousness, it will probably take climatic catastrophes wreaked by the sinister stirrings of the HAARP or rampant decimation due to ongoing chemtrail poisoning or mass lethal AZT injection under the guise of AIDS vaccination. For millennia, indigenous communities had been living in synergy within their natural vicinity due to mutual respect and appreciation. However, the occultist royal political elite, akin to the wicked fairy Carabosse of The Sleeping Beauty, has by and large immersed the human race in a acquiescent nightmare through inane television programming, ritualistic sporting spectacles, mindless musical manipulation and debilitating pharmaceutical formulations. However, you can attempt to expunge yourself from the teeming dream by getting some cheap The Sleeping Beauty tickets.

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The Sleeping Beauty starts off in the lands of King Floretsan the XXIV, where a grand celebration has been organized for the christening of the newly born Princess Aurora, the royal family has invited a coven of six fairies to do the honors and be godmothers to the regal baby. All six of them, namely the Coulante Fairy, Candide Fairy, the Canari Fairy, the Violente Fairy, the Miettes Fairy and the Lilac Fairy are in attendance, except for the evil fairy Carabosse. The latter is infuriated at not being invited and casts a spell on the young Princess that will make her prick her finger on her sixteenth birthday and die. However, the Lilac Fairy magically intervenes and tones down the power of the spell, so as to allow it to just induce a deep sleep in Princess Aurora, only to be awakened after a hundred years with a kiss from her true love, which is naturally a prince so as to preserve the royal bloodline. On her sixteenth birthday, Princes Aurora is tricked by a disguised Carabosse in frolicking with a spindle, whereby pricking her finger and falling asleep instantaneously along with the entire kingdom as a result of Lilac's spell. Fast-forward to a hundred years later and the much awaited Prince shows up, vanquishes Carabosse, kisses "The Sleeping Beauty" and awakens the sleeping kingdom. At their wedding, an entire menagerie of fairytale characters is in attendance, from Puss in Boots and the White Cat to Cinderella and Little Red Riding Hood, who all prance around in configurations such as Pas de Deux, Sarabande and a final tableau vivant in homage to the Sun God Apollo.

Your cheap The Sleeping Beauty tickets will give you an opportunity to be infused with the scintillating score composed by the famed Russian composer Pyotr Tchaikovsky title Opus 66. The Sleeping Beauty ballet unfolds over three acts and was originally choreographed by the legendary French theatrical choreographer Marius Pepita. Before the staging of The Sleeping Beauty ballet, Pepita had already amassed considerable acclaim by bringing forth Don Quixote and The Pharaoh's Daughter and afterwards oversaw the choreography of more Tchaikovsky composed ballets, namely The Nutcracker and Swan Lake. The Sleeping Beauty ballet premiered at the Imperial Mariinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg on 15th January, 1890 and then had its Moscow opening nine years later at the Moscow Imperial Bolshoi Theatre. Though The Sleeping Beauty ballet had a more appreciative reception than Swan Lake, the composer extraordinaire was not able bask in the international glory due to his demise just three years after its world premiere.

Throughout the decades, The Sleeping Beauty has been revamped several times, with notable productions including the 1946 staging at the Royal Opera House that was overseen by the Royal Ballet's founder Dame Ninette de Valois and also underwent a television adaptation in 1955 when it was telecasted by NBC in the United States. Interestingly, in the twenty-first century, when the human society at large has developed a more left-brain centered perceptive approach towards nature entailing logical reasoning and rationality, the inherent themes of the sleeping ballet are more pertinent than ever. So acquire some The Sleeping Beauty tickets for a rousing revelation regarding a revolting reverie.
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