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A Rock Opera Ballet is a ballet by Ballet Fantastique that is based upon one of the most popular fairy tales and cartoon characters of all time, Cinderella. It has already enchanted many people who have had the opportunity to watch it live through A Rock Opera Ballet tickets and promises to enchant thousands more with each performance is held. It is an original rock and roll take on the famous Cinderella story and takes place in the sixties. To make it even more amazing, it features live music played by the renowned Shelley and Cal James of Satin Love fame alongwith their band. These live artists usually perform songs by The Beatles, The Supremes, The Ronettes and The Temptations next to the stage as the musical goes on.

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About Ballet Fantastique A Rock Opera Ballet

A Rock Opera Ballet is produced by Hannah Bontrager and choreographed by choreographer Donna Bontrager. It is the work of Ballet Fantastique which is a ballet company made up of seven sensational dancers and directors Donna and Hannah Bontrager. It is responsible for a number of ballet productions and is located in Oregon. Today, it is an international ballet company whose productions are held all over the world on many stages. It was founded back in 2000 and was soon reviewed positively by the likes of The Register-Guard who praised the company as enchanting, delightful and haunting. From its founding, this ballet company has worked with choirs as well as with opera vocalists and solo vocalists. It has also performed with numerous chamber and symphony orchestras, visual and literary artists and even renowned composers. This includes Eugene Symphony, the Oregon Mozart Players, Trio Voronezh, Karin Clarke Gallery, composer Jeremy DeKyle Schropp and the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. It has been seen live by many on stage through cheap A Rock Opera Ballet tickets.
Ballet Fantastique, creators of A Rock Opera Ballet, are also unique in the world of ballet because they infuse choreography with new and unusual musical choices; from tango to heavy metal played by the likes of Metallica to create an artistic expression that is one of a kind and one in a million. It has performed at numerous events and festivals including the Northwest Booking Conference and has been reviewed by the likes of The Register Guard which has reviewed the ballet company over twenty times. It has also been reviewed several times by Eugene Weekly, The World, Oregon Daily, Ethos Magazine, Medford Mail Tribune, Oregon Daily Emerald and been featured as the cover story on Eugene Weekly Bravo as a review of one of its live performances that the article authors saw live through cheap A Rock Opera Ballet tickets.
A Rock Opera Ballet takes place in the sixties when Lyndon B. Johnson became the US president and gas cost thirty cents a gallon. It was during the time that the first ever Ford Mustang was premiered and in New York City, buffalo wings were created. It is one of the many ballet productions that Ballet Fantastique has produced over the course of several years. Others include Dance like it’s Brazil, Mosaico de Danza, Visions d’Amour, The Nutcracker, Tales of Beatrix Potter, Incendio, Arabian Nights and the remarkable The Experience Dance! Project which introduces ballet to children. Outside of the US and Canada, Ballet Fantastique has performed in Brazil. Its troupe of  dancers consists of Hannah Joy Bontrager, Ashley Blake Bontrager, Justin Shae Femister, Alanna Kristine Fisher, Leanne Michelle Mizzoni, Amelia Rose Unsicker and Krislyn Ann Wessel. This sensational ballet by an international ballet company that is a must see live through A Rock Opera Ballet tickets.

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