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Watching ballet can be one great experience to the music lovers. Ballet is one of the most sought after entertainment for the people of our country. There has never been a ballet more interesting than the one created by Bliss. Originally named as Sir Arthur Edward Drummond Bliss this talented man was born on 2nd August 1891 and died on 27th March, 1975. This famous English conductor as well as composer has created some of the most exciting ballet production till date. After First World War he found a romantic touch in his work. This modernist composer made music that instantly become very famous and exciting. During the 1920s and 30s he started making music for not only the concert hall but also for so many other ballet and films.

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About Ballet BC Bliss

During the Second World War, Bliss came back to England from America and started working for the BBC. Later on, he became the director of music at BBC. This ballet company gave him immense popularity and recognition for his legendary work. He also got selected as the Master of the Queen's Music after the war period. After the death of this talented artist his work became most famous. His work was included in the British orchestras’ repertoire; moreover, his work got better recognition on records as well.
One of his famous ballets is titled as Checkmate. It is a famous one act ballet developed by the talented choreographer named; Ninette de Valois.The composition of this ballet was done by Arthur Bliss. Bliss’ early works include ballets like, The second Chamber Rhapsody in 1919, Rout in 1920 as well as Conversations in 1921.He is also known for his prosaic subject like Committee Meeting along with In the Wood, Soliloquy as well as In the Ball-room and In the Tube at Oxford Circus. His other work include The Melée Fantasque from 1921 the featured the writing skill of Bliss in the glittering orchestration.
He also got selected by KCVO in 1969 and later on by CH in 1971. He has also received numerous honorary degrees by universities like Cambridge, Edinburgh, Glasgow, London, Lancaster as well as Princeton. In 1958, he was selected as the honorary President of the London Symphony Orchestra. He was also honored with a Gold Medal in 1963 by the famous Royal Philharmonic Society.
His work has been kept save at the Library of Cambridge University. To honor his contribution to the music world of our country there has been a lot of place that are named after him, such as the Arthur Bliss Road in the Newport, Sir Arthur Bliss Court that is develop din in Mitcham as well as the  a block of flats and Arthur Bliss Gardens. There is a reason why Bliss tickets are always in high demand by the entertainment seekers. The truth is that his work is so refreshing for mind the people naturally want to see his ballet productions.
One of the most old and loyal production that is known for featuring his ballet is Ballet BC. Developed in 1986 ballet BC is an acclaimed name for the most ballets of the world. Ballet BC is run by its Artistic Director Emily Molnar. Their contemporary style of ballet is famous all over the world. With its sixteen dancers this ballet production company has the capability to transform the stage in a magical scene. Bliss has always been a very fond choice of ballet BC. So if you want to enjoy the legendary productions of Arthur Bliss then make sure you have got your Bliss tickets with you.
Missing out on his amazing show is something you are you really don’t want to happen with you. If you haven’t seen any production by Bliss yet than make sure you are attending the next show of ballet BC that features Bliss. So get your favorite people together and set off for an evening full of excitement and fun.
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