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For all the ballet lovers of the world Balanchine is not at all a new name. For decade the productions of this man has been entertaining us. Till today there has been no choreographer who can compete with his style and sense of direction. All Balanchine is something you really have to see on stage because if you haven’t seen this amazing production live, then you are certainly missing out on great deal of fun and excitement. With all the acclaimed talents and appreciation of All Balanchine show, there is no chance for you to feel bored over there.

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Famous known as one the most amazing and certainly genius choreographer, George Balanchine is known for his world all over the world. His talents earned him immense fame and very strong fan following. His skills along the fine artistry of Ballet he has made some of the most famous ballet dancer of the world. This legendary artist from the twentieth century created a ballet staging that stunned the world with its sheer diversity and artistic style. Originally named as Giorgi Balanchivadze he lived from 9th January 1904 till 30th April, 1983. One of the most famed ballet creator in US he was also known as being the co-founder as well as the Ballet Master in New York City Ballet.
Also famous for his extensive work with Igor Stravinsky, George Balanchine’s 39 ballets out of his great 400 productions were choreographed on the music by Igor Stravinsky. Belonging to the St. Petersburg, Russia, George Balanchine has the vision and the talent that was required to develop a realm of ballet productions. This director, actor and choreographer, has extensively entertained people from 1929 to 1983.
Even today his productions like The Nutcracker are highly sought after by ballet lovers. Often done at the end of holiday season The Nutcracker is an amazing glittering classic ballet that is known for lifting your spirits and energy. He created the most famous ballet school in America in 1934 in collaboration with Kirstein. His famous work includes ballets like include Serenade from 1934, Concerto Barocco that was done in 1941, Orpheus from 1948 as well as the most famous The Nutcracker that was started in 1954. His other works include Agon from 1957, Symphony in Three Movements of 1972 as well as Stravinsky Violin Concerto of 1972.
Apart from hit productions like Vienna Waltzes, Ballo della Regina as well as Mozartiana, he has also choreographed for some films as well. His works for operas, musicals and revues are also very famous among fans. His famous production Slaughter on Tenth Avenue hat was created for 1936’s On Your Toes show of Broadway was also made into a movie as well. All Balanchine is the best way to enjoy the hits of this superb personality all at one stage. All Balanchine is done annually to tribute this talented figure of history.
All Balanchine opens with the famous Rubies with 14 eye-startling dancers. The second part of the show is based on ballet like La Sonnambula. You will also enjoy the climax in form of a dance by Sleepwalker and the Poet. The best part of the show is when Ballet Arizona performs its Four Temperaments of Balanchine's 1946 work. Dancer of Ballet Arizona are capable of giving you the best representation of Balanchine's work.
Balanchine is known for revolutionizing the image of classical style ballet. America progressed in the field of ballet due to the marvelous creations of Balanchine. His ballets are widely performed by all the major classical ballets companies around the world. If you want to see his legendary work live on stage then you have to get your share of All Balanchine tickets and get to his show with your favorite people. There are also several Cheap all Balanchine tickets available as well so there you don’t really have to worry about the money you. Just be there at the All Balanchine show and enjoy the best ballet of the world.
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