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Ever since humans became recognizant of their earthly domain, they have dreamed of cavorting with mysterious creatures such as fairy folk and sprinting sprites and aspired to soar high above in the skies akin to birds. Throughout the millennia, such inexplicable influences have transpired as rituals such as the "Rite of Spring" and encapsulated in tales such as Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream as well as the mystical Russian ballet The Firebird composed by Igor Stravinsky. American Ballet Theater boasts a seven-decade long tradition of delivering world class ballet performances entailing a stellar repertory of both classical and contemporary works. Their 2012-2013 season at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York is strewn with elaborately choreographed pieces, The Dream/The Firebird combo, based on works by William Shakespeare and is infused with scores by the likes Tchaikovsky and Stravinsky. Get your cheap The Dream The Firebird tickets now to sample a snippet of the scintillating season.

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The double-bill of The Dream/The Firebird will take the audiences into a world created by the festooned musings of the English bard William Shakespeare as well as the tuneful tundra tinkering of Igor Stravinsky. The Dream, based on the partially namesake Shakespearean work A Midsummer Night’s Dream drops in on a pair of squabbling fairy monarchs, Oberon and Titania, each laying their claim over a changeling. Oberon devises a devilish plot to seduce the unsuspecting fairy queen into surrendering custody of the changeling by conniving with mischievous Puck to drench Titania's eyes with love potion. However, the plan backfires and Titania falls for the buffoon Bottom, who has already been changed into a donkey. Puck throws more spanners in the works by mismatching four lovers by using the drops. However, Oberon soon sets things right by commanding Puck to create a confounding fog and restoring the previous order.

Your cheap The Dream The Firebird tickets will entitle you for being treated with more than one timeless ballet in the same evening, as the ballet bravura continues with Igor Stravinsky's musical masterpiece. The Firebird opens with the protagonist Prince Ivan stumbling upon the mystical realm of the entity known as Kashchei the Immortal. Though seemingly mesmerizing and embellished with aesthetically astounding elements, Kashchei's domain is nothing more than an elaborate illusion that has been conjured over the real-life world. Paradoxically, the so-called reality is essentially another fantasy keeping the human denizens mired in an endless cycle of life and death, suffering and opulence, misery and ecstasy. Prince Ivan shrewdly captures and strikes a deal with the magical Firebird who in exchange for its freedom, agrees to help the Prince. The Firebird soon delivers when Kashchei sends his cohort of nefarious creatures after the Prince upon the latter asking the former for one of his thirteen princesses. The Firebird induces the creatures along with Kashchei into a deep sleep through its magical prancing. Consequently, not only is Prince Ivan able to make off with his princess of choosing but also vanquishes Kashchei by destroying the monstrous egg that safeguards his immortality.
The Dream/The Firebird event is a careful combination of two magical ballet pieces that exemplify the essence of the 2012-2013 season of the American Ballet Theater. The Dream is the first full-length ballet adaptation of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream that was brought to stage in 1962 by George Balanchine and was choreographed to Felix Mendelssohn's score. The American Ballet Theater's version was rendered by the famed Frederick Ashton and was produced by Judy Kinberg who is a seven-time Emmy Award winner courtesy the Dance in America series, with direction courtesy Mathew Diamond who has an armload of Emmys and Director's Guild of America awards to his credit. The legacy of The Firebird is more than a century in the making and has been swooping and flitting all over the international ballet scene ever since its premier in Ballets Russes in Paris in 1910. With the original having been choreographed by Michel Fokine, the American Ballet Theater version has been stylistically rendered by Alexei Ratmansky, and features an ethereal set by Simon Pastukh.
Though American Ballet Theater has given performances all around the world, there is no place like home for staging The Dream/The Firebird performances. The Metropolitan Opera House has a capacity of 3800 and nestles within the sprawling Lincoln Center located Manhattan's snooty and upscale Upper West Side. So book The Dream The Firebird tickets now to let yourself be engulfed in a fiery reverie.

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