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In 1935, the art world was introduced to The Bright Stream musical ballet. This was a ballet comprising of three separate acts. Choreography for the acts was undertaken by the great Fedor Lopukhov on the lovely tunes set by music maestro Shostakovich. The ballet was originally composed by Dmitri Shostakovich. The stage and sets were designed by the legend himself, V. Bobyshov. The theater in Leningrad which showed this ballet was the Maly Theatre. Marital infidelity seemed to have been the core of many ballets and musicals during this period. Following suit was the story of the ballet as well. An agronomist, who is married to a beautiful young woman, finds interest in a lady much younger but just as much striking as his better half, an affair ensues. Set in strong communist values which overshadow regression, many critics and authorities found that the vocabulary of choreography and the focus as well as theme did not seem conducive with the prevailing pre-war mood. As a result, Lopukhov was cashiered from his post as senior ballet chief.

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What made the plot of The Bright Stream ballet so interesting was the theme of dancers and their goddess-like grace while performing. The dancers are shown to be of menial backgrounds and find themselves showing off their talent in front of an audience comprising the rich and sophisticated aristocrats that are stationed a soviet farm. The innocence turns to ardent, affectionate and passionate advances by the aristocrats. The dancers are shown to be more of-age than meets the eye.
The music of The Bright Stream ballet is a mixture of flutes, piccolos and clarinets. The sweet melancholy of bassoons, cor anglais and oboes completely mesmerizes the senses and takes the sensation of music to a new level given the strongly tantalizing story-line. Various assortments of brass instruments would leave any musical incomplete, the French horns, tuba, trombones and trumpets further augment the woodwinds. The timpani, violins, cellos, cymbals, snare drums and a range of other percussion and string instruments blend in to complete the instruments. The true genius lies in the composition of Dmitri Shostakovich.
Interesting to note however, is that the age in which this art was being presenting was of extreme communism and socialism. One wrong sonnet could mean the end of a life-time of work and death of talent. Before the Bright Stream, Dmitri Shostakovich was responsible for two plays, The Bolt and The Golden Age. Both received extremely heavy criticism. As history would have it, all three of his ballets were shunted from the theaters and banned. This left the composer distraught and on the verge of professional suicide. In Moscow and Leningrad however, his latest ballet, The Bright Stream was gaining much needed accolade. The melodies were simple yet appealing, predictable yet straightforward in terms of rhythm. One harsh article in Russia’s leading newspaper of the time, Pravda (Truth), just a little over a year after the play had debuted, caused a serious stir. The ballet was condemned and henceforth, banned from being shown ever again.
Dmitri Shostakovich’s suit comprised of five movements. This included the Adagio, Pizzicato Allegretto, the Gallop, the Waltz and the Russian Popular Dance. In 1995, an American Ballet heavyweight producer and director named Alexei Ratmansky. He was responsible for the success of the Bolshoi Ballet and aimed to bring The Bright Stream back on stage once again. He incorporated his own choreography however as there was no annotations of the original available. Instead of opening in the US, as most defiant artists, he staged the first show in Moscow with the Bolshoi Ballet. Since then, it has been performed at the Royal Opera House and the Met as well. Only last year did the performance hit the US stage at the Kennedy Centre in the US capital.
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