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For those who want to experience the ultimate expression of art and skill, cheap American ballet theatre tickets is the place! It offers the marvels of this art in its own exquisite style. Founded with the name of Mordkin Ballet, the company’s journey began in 1937. Just after three years of foundation, some reorganization took place and the company was renamed to Ballet theatre and had Lucia Chase as its director. She performed the duties of a director for about 40 years, and during this tenure she managed to take this company to a level where it became one of the leading dance companies of the world. Various choreographers and ballet masters joined her in this long course of time, and many had to leave but nothing hindered the journey of this ballet company towards excellence in art and style. The Ballet Theatre was renamed to American Ballet Theatre in 1956, which has continued to be the symbol of exquisite dance education and performance till present date. The company is based in the American city of New York and performs at Metropolitan Opera House at the Lincoln Center in the city.

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The expert artistic directors that rendered their services for the American Ballet theatre include Lucia Chase, who was also the co-founder of this theatre company as well. She was herself a professional ballet dancer and her services and talent was acknowledged by her name being included in the National Museum of Dance C. V. Whitney Hall of Fame in 1988. After her retirement from the stage as a dancer, she continued directing American Ballet Theatre till 1980. Lucia, along with Oliver Smith, worked at this place for around forty years, since 1940 till 1980. Oliver Smith was an amazing scenic designer, and was nominated for Academy Award for Best Art Direction for Guys and Dolls. His name was included in American Theatre Hall of Fame in 1981.
Swan Lake ballet was composed in 1875-76 and was originally adapted from Russian folk tales. The story revolved around a princess named Odette who was cursed by a sorcerer and turned into a swan. Performed for the first time in 1877 at Bolshoi Theatre, Moscow, the ballet was choreographed by Julius Reisinger with the original name The Lake of The Swans. Later, many more versions were presented, most popular being the one by Lev Ivanov and Marius Petipa who prepared it for Imperial Ballet in 1895. Most of the companies presenting this ballet later based it on this revival for which Riccardo Drigo revised Tchaikovsky’s score. This revised version was presented for the first time at Mariinsky Theatre, St. Petersburg, Russia.
The origin of this story has been much discussed by critics, and many claim it to be the national ballet for its swans that come from classic Russian romantic stories and dance movements that come from Slovanic ring dances. Other critics also comment about its resemblance with the Russian folk tale The White Duck. The libretto is based on Der geraubte Schleier (The Stolen Veil), a story written by a German author named Jahann Karl August Musaus.
The storyline is about Princess Odette, the leading ballerina, her being converted to a swan by evil sorcerer Von Rothbart’s magic, and her Prince Siegfried who has been unfaithful to her.   Later, he sees Princess in her semi human form and falls in love with her. The story then moves on about how the Princess is rescued and how Rothbart tries to punish both of them. There are several alternative endings for the story in various versions of the play. The beauty of folk tales like Swan Lake can not be better expressed than in ballets and musicals. Perfectly presented ballet especially in a purpose built ballet theatre like, American ballet theatre, totally engrosses its viewers. Decide now as American Ballet Theatre Swan Lake Tickets wont last long and you know that they offer access to an experience that you will cherish forever.

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