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For those who have been waiting to witness art and skill at its best, then the wait is over as American Ballet Onegin tickets are on sale and should be bought immediately as the queue is already too long. Onegin is one the most popular productions by American Ballet Theatre, featuring music of the legendary Russian composer Tchaikovsky. This ballet is based on the novel Eugene Onegin, written by a Russian novelist Alexander Pushkin.  The American Ballet Theatre Onegin tickets will take you into the world of this old tale which is told beautifully through ballet dancing.

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About American Ballet Theatre Onegin

American Ballet Theatre started in the year 1937 with the name of Mordkin Ballet. Initially, the ballet company underwent many changes initially and three years after its formation, Lucia Chase was made the director of the company. She retained this position for a period of forty years, and during this time, the company progressed immensely and reached a status where it still stands as one of the best ballet companies of the world. It was given its present name in the year 1956. The company is situated in New York and performs at the Metropolitan Opera House, which is situated in Lincoln Center.

Lucia Chase has had a very prominent place among the founding members of the American Ballet Theatre. She was herself a professional ballet dancer and her services and talent were appreciated by including her name in the National Museum of Dance C. V. Whitney Hall of Fame of 1988. Lucia, along with Oliver Smith, rendered her services to this company for forty years Oliver Smith won a nomination for being the Best Art Director for Guys and Dolls due to his contributions. His name was also included in the American Theatre Hall of Fame in 1981. The American Ballet Theatre Onegin tickets 2017 will take you to the beautifully designed performances by this ballet company.

American Ballet Theatre Onegin presents a story that moves around Eugene and Tatyana. Eugene loses his chance for love with the gorgeous Tatyana and from here onwards begins the story of an unrequited love. Eugene Onegin is introduced as an individual whose life is all about being at concerts, balls and other such activities. One morning he comes to know that he has inherited a large piece of land from his uncle in the countryside and decides to shift there. On reaching, he meets Vladimir Lensky and develops good relationships with him. One day the latter takes Onegin to meet the family of his fiancée Olga Larina. At the dinner, he meets her younger sister Tatyana who is quiet and romantic. She instantly develops a liking for Onegin and writes him a letter confessing her love for him.  Onegin never replies to her letter and on meeting rejects her proposal. Later on, in a brawl, he accidently kills Lensky and in order to free himself from the guilt he moves to another place. However, he meets her again in Moscow after many years. What happens next is an emotional story of love and heartbreak which is portrayed through a magnificent ballet performance. 

Apart from Tchaikovsky’s vivid music, the ballet scores because of the flawless storytelling of John Cranko. The award winning designer Santo Loquasto has designed the costumes. If you have a taste for classical ballet dancing, American Ballet Theatre Onegin tickets are you pass for an unforgettable experience. Our deals of American Ballet Onegin tickets enable ballet lovers like you watching an outstanding show without worrying about the budget. Book your tickets today and enjoy a classic ballet performance. 

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